Thursday, December 26, 2013

Our Two Christmas Dinner Tablescapes

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.
Ours was absolutely perfect.

I just simply didn't get around to setting my tables
 early enough this year to share BEFORE Christmas came,
 but by golly I still want to share!

I hope you all aren't TOO terribly sick of Christmas yet, 
I am just so slow getting posts done, sorry!

This was designated as the adults table:

Christmas Day was so gorgeous -
bright and sunny, and we woke to a snow-covered yard.

How I ♥ having a beautiful White Christmas!

My guests freaked out about using our real silk napkins
 until I told them I found them at a second hand store.

(Well, they still freaked out, but maybe a bit LESS.)

Here are a few more Christmas things around this room
 that you haven't seen:

A signed and numbered oil painting:

I have a slew of real antique yellowed large music sheets,
 many are French and some of German but most are English.

This is the first project I ever used with them yet -
I have other ideas, time will tell if I ever get my crafty on.

Here is my old huge wreath that I use indoors
 since I began putting up real evergreen ones.

I think I may have to share my simple outdoors
 Christmas decor before the new year arrives!

The kitchen dinner table was designed for the kids to use -
 the youngest niece is 10 now
 so no more using plastic is necessary anymore!

Their salad plates could match the grown-ups,
but their table is more bright and fun.

And their napkins are simple cotton NOT SILK.  

And they weren't given wine glasses.

I just realized that I ended up adding a plaid cotton napkin
 scrunched up base for that pedestal candle to "ground" it visually.

Apparently I never took a good pic of after I did that, oops.

But you can kinda see it here:

Here's my whimsical hot beverage serve-yourself station:

Right next to it in the old hutch
my guests could find our Christmas Tree cups & saucers
so helping themselves  was a cinch!

Salad plates: Mikasa
Christmas Tree Cups: Nikko
Red Wine Goblets: Martha Stewart

As always, thank you for your visit!




  1. Michele, I didn't even set a Christmas table this year. We didn't host our traditional Christmas Eve dinner, so there was no reason to. Fun to see your beautiful tables. I know all enjoyed the meal at your home.

  2. Hi
    Yes, I did the same thing. I love your table and your beautiful home. I have joined you at BNOTP. Have a great day!
    Betty @ My Cozy Corner

  3. It all looks so nice Michelle. Maybe you are resting a bit today!

  4. Everything looks lovely! Merry Christmas, Michele!

  5. I love both of your tablescapes! So glad to hear you had a nice Christmas! Dee :)

  6. I like both dinner tables, one for the kids and the other for adults. The christmas plates, cups, decoration...


  7. Your home looks very beautiful! Lovely table setting.

  8. Michele, so glad you shared! I love the layering of your dishes. The help yourself drink station is darling and the music covered books are wonderful too!

  9. You set a couple of nice tables Michele. I like to use chargers too, inexpensive plastic ones but they still look nice as one of the layers. The arrangement on the adult table is pretty and I'll bet you made it.
    We can relax now that the big day is over.

  10. I'm so glad you still could share such lovely tables with us and I alove the pretty dishes. The vignettes are so pretty too. Happy you had a wonderful C'mas.

  11. Michele, Both tables are lovely! I do love the red plates with the stars that you used at the adult table. I am recovering from a stomach virus and I hope to be able to redo our Christmas day table tomorrow.

  12. Beautiful tables! It must have made your guests feel pampered and loved. (I gave my guests plastic plates and paper napkins.)

  13. Very pretty tables! It's nice to make things special for guests!

  14. How very lovely! And no, I'm not at all tired of seeing Christmas decor. Seems like my blog posts and reading get wayyyy behind over the holidays, so I'm happy to catch up on the holiday posts whenever blogger friends have time to do them!


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