Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Tea for Two

Today I had a sweet neighbor friend over
 for a simple Christmas Tea for Two.

I just had a few cookies made for us to snack on while sipping
(my cookie exchange party isn't until tomorrow)

And that is probably a good thing for us both!)

I fired up the fireplace and things were warm and cozy
on this bright cheery winter's day.

It's not about the fancy fare with tea sometimes -
  it's all about making and taking the time out
 for nurturing and keeping friendships alive.

And I just adore having a reason to use 
one of my very favorite holiday china sets.

I am so fond of it I even have it in miniature!

Not dollhouse little, more like American Girl Doll size little.

She and I have both been so busy and haven't had much time for chatting, so it was wonderful to do so as the holiday is approaching quickly, and she is off soon to California for the remainder of the year.

Thank you for stopping by to share our teatime with me today.

Remember to always take time for a friend,
especially one you may know who is alone this Christmas.

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  1. Michele, your large set is gorgeous! I have the mini set, the ornament, and the book. I love the book and cry every time I read it. Merry Christmas my friend!

  2. That's a beautiful set, Michele! Both in full and mini size. : ) I love the pattern and the message inside the teacups.

  3. Oh Michele, I love your tea set, it is so beautiful and the saying inside WOW. I think it is one of the pretties set I've ever seen.
    You are so right about taking the time to have tea with friends. Today, I went down to my neighbors to help her fix her tree. We always speak and chat a little but today we sat down and had a long conversation with tea and lemon pie with whipped cream. It was Yummy.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. What a beautiful way to share a friendship but with a lovely Christmas tea. Your "A Christmas Cup of Tea"is so perfect this time of year and I have always adored it. The pretty treats look so yummy and is wonderful to enjoy them with your friend. The mini tea set is adorable and it is one I haven't seen. Thanks for sharing this special tea party!


  5. I so enjoy reading your posts, Michele. The closest I have come to having tea in real china cups is tea parties with the kids. Maybe we're a bit too casual out west. Thanks for sharing! Dee :)

  6. How lovely,I'd love a neighbour like you. Your Christmas tea set if gorgeous.x

  7. Oh, Michele, your festive china sets are stunning and I would love to share a cup of tea with you! You are totally right about nourishing friendship by taking the time to be with friends. Thank you for your more than kind words on my blog! They mean a lot to me! A book?, you are warming my heart and making me dream!!! Wishing you and your family all the simple pleasures of the season! Have a Merry Christmas!

  8. Oh sweet Michelle, your C'mas tea sets are gorgeous! Beautiful post, I love it...wish I was the second one for tea for TWO, lol! Now I'm using all my C'mas chinas and mugs and teacups, what a lovely season this is, though,very short, just next week is C'mas, wow! Enjoy it my friend.

  9. What a wonderful tea for you and your friend. I love that miniature set like your big one. How very cute is that!!!!???!!!!! Hope you are having a great week so far- xo Diana

  10. I'd love to have a set like this for Christmas, it's beautiful!! And it's a lovely time of year to share cookies and tea with friends in front of a fire!


  11. Love your tea set,Michele, it is so pretty. You're right we should always take time for friends.

  12. Oh, Michele, I love your tea set; both the big and the mini. I only have one Christmas teacup which I found at a yard sale. I would love to find another. It is always a good thing to take time for friends. Thank you for sharing your beautiful tea with us at Tea Time and have a joyous week.

    Christmas blessings,

  13. Your Christmas tea set is beautiful, Michele. I think it's wonderful that you take the time to get together with friends this time of year.

  14. Thank you I enjoyed your Christmas tea cup and tea party. My cookie exchange is over and it was fantastic with 11 others taking place. I am a fan of minitures and planning a trip to Kentucky to see the museum soon, Merry Christmas

  15. Oh, I do love this! I was absolutely thrilled a year or two ago to come across the "Cup of Christmas Tea" teapot for $8 at an antique mall. Favorite Christmas teapot ever!

  16. Such a pretty set Michele, you have so many friends that enjoy tea with you.

  17. Michele, Your Christmas tea set is beautiful! Wishing you and your family and very Merry Christmas.


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