Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rustic Farmhouse Christmas

For years our home was dressed up in a theme
 of formal satiny whites, muted golds, vintage silver and pearls-
 and all kinds of pretty shiny bling for holiday decor.

But a side of me always loved rustic and natural, too-
 so I also collected and designed with that as well -
 only kept it at a minimum, only upstairs -
 always away from all the "shine."

Let's face it: the two normally don't play well together.

(Occasionally, but not usually.)

This year I decided to make things easier on dear hubs on myself
 and bring out just our natural rustic stuff;
completely disregarding our holidays past....

ignoring about a bajillion boxes....

forgetting putting  up our large tree....

disregarding tradition.....

keeping things natural and SIMPLE.

And it just feels really right this time around.

It's really been FUN working with it all in new spaces and places -
 giving me a very fresh perspective & exciting new outlook at decor.

I am so glad to share the first pics of some of my fun with you today!

This is what is holding the gift cards and cash for many this year:

Stars always make things seem celebratory and festive!

Well, that's a hint of what's going on around here.
I look forward to sharing our tree and dining room
and my cookie exchange party with you all soon. 

As always, thank you for your visit!



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  1. I can't wait to see more! Everything looks beautiful in all it's rustic, natural glory. Sometimes simplifying can be so right!

  2. it seems like a lot of people are changing things up a bit and Christmas is looking more natural and traditional in the decor .. and I love it! Yours looks so nice and it is nice to do something different, a whole new pallet!

  3. I love the natural look -- Mother Nature is always best! Ho Ho HO!!!

  4. Looking good Michele, I like a rustic look too. Our daughter has always decorated this way, no frills for her.

  5. Very pretty, Michele! Some years it's nice to keep things simple. I did this year. I need a smaller tree though so I might see what's out there at after Christmas sales. Maybe something narrower and flocked!

    Gave you a shout out on my post today! : )

  6. Beautiful and so serene. I can feel the holiday love all the way in NC.

  7. I love everything!!!!! I have been using natural elements in my décor for a few years now and the house always smells so wonderful from all the greenery :o)

  8. Michele, what you call "rustic" is certainly a very elegant, well-edited collection of rustic! And the older I get, the more I believe that "simple" is the greatest elegance of all.

  9. Very nice! Isn't there a proverb that says A change is as good as a holiday? Well yours is lovely! Restful and cozy!
    Merry Christmas!

  10. Very pretty , love the natural and rustic… Enjoy the season Michele!

  11. What's not to love?! Everything is so charming.
    Love the natural elements, and the simplicity of it all.

    Warm wishes...

  12. I just love the look you've chosen this year. The white felted wool tree is just the cutest! I'll look forward to seeing the rest of your Christmas decorations and tree. Have a great day. Pam

  13. Michele,
    I love everything you showed us. I went for more simple and traditional this year too.. saving the bling for another year or maybe not....
    Love, Mona

  14. Hello, Your blog is adorable and very creative. Congratulations. Kisses and happy holidays.
    This is my blog, see you:

  15. I love your rustic look. The raindeer and greenery are all so pretty.

  16. I love your rustic look! I find myself loving a more natural look in our home too.


  17. Good for you, Michelle. We try to eliminate and simplify every year. You did a great job, and I love the look.

  18. I love the simpler look and am using it myself this year once again. You have beautiful items and it was a pleasure to scroll though them.

  19. It all looks so pretty with the rustic and natural decor, Michelle. I do see hints of traditional in there, too. Love it!

  20. Beautiful things and photographs sweet Michelle! Although I LOVE THEM ALL, I specially love the platter, it looks vintage country, so pretty. Merry C'mas!

  21. Looking good with all the rustic and natural décor.


  22. I would love to be recouping at your house. So relaxing with your beautiful touches of rustic. Each of your vignettes are so pleasing and soothing to look at. The wire cloche with pine cones really caught my eye. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Beautiful Michele! I like the rustic style also. I went with it on my dining table this year. Fun to change things up. I love your little stripped tree!


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