Friday, October 12, 2012

Afternoon Tea on the Cruise Ship

Oh what a delight to be on vacation
and take a lovely tea every afternoon on our cruise ship!

Each day has a harpist or string quartet
 or sometimes jazz playing in the background.

Wonderful calming music to set our mood.


One is made to feel quite special.

Linen tablecloth - Linen napkins - solid white china
Silver plated sugar packet holder and silver plated milk jugs.

These fresh and pretty flowers
 were in a silverplated vase on each table.

The lighting was medium low so my pictures aren't great....
but you are catching my drift, aren't you?

As much wonderful Earl Grey tea as one cares to sip brought
to one from a tidy, sweet and helpful smiling waiter!


It really doesn't get better than having a wonderful tea all set
with as many delectable sweets and/or savories
 as one cares to enjoy!

It is heavenly decadence!

No two day's menus are the same.

And there is a French pastry chef on board.

Be still, my heart!

I usually just only went for the tea sipping
(because we dine early and I didn't want to spoil my appetite)

....but it wasn't always easy passing up these wonders!

Unfortunately I sit with new others/strangers and felt
rude trying to take as many pictures as I wanted.

This is the ONLY savory picture that I
managed to take - because it is the only one I ate the whole trip.

I am not doing thpse amazing savories any justice whatsoever.

Use your imagine and then times it by at least 10.

I could have stayed there forever.  
I just wanted to stop the clock
 and, like a good blogger, document it all!

Tea on a cruise ship....
something right out of a dream for a tea party lover!

I wonder if any of my tea party-loving friends
 would ever want to cruise with me
so we could take our afternoon tea together each day?


If I have learned anything in my life so far is that it flies by too quickly -
and dreams come true to those who make dreams happen.

Maybe they will say YES!
Somehow, some way maybe it could happen.


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  1. Yes, we'll take over the entire ship! It'll be marvelous. You plan it; I'll show up. Ha! Thank you for taking great such great photos that I can imagine being there.

  2. While your tea cups and pots are much prettier, I wouldn't say no to some of those treats! Lucky you!

  3. I can just imagine how much you enjoyed the afternoon tea, Michele! The desserts and your tea sandwich look delicious. I'm sure it was hard to pass those up!

  4. What a lovely tea, Michele! I went to a tea when we were on our Alaskan cruise. They only offered it one day, if I recall. YES, wouldn't it be fun to take a cruise with fellow tea lovers??!!! That's a great idea, my friend.

  5. Your photos are fantastic! I wanted to reach in a grab a pastry :). I cruised once in my life for our 30 th wedding anniversary on the Queen Mary 2. They also had a fabulous tea every afternoon.. What a wonderful custom and a delightful way to relax!

  6. What a great idea Michele, like Vee said, we could take over the ship! I'm glad you sat back and were pampered, you deserve it and so many sweet and savory treats. Wow.
    On our Alaskan cruise, the goodies weren't this elegant.
    Have a good weekend.

  7. Wonderful! You bet I'd cruise with you!! I'll pack my bags (knitting/books/me)!!! :D :D

  8. How could you settle for just one of those sweet treats?! Very lovely pictures. So glad you are having a wonderful time!


  9. I love cruises and your photos remind me of why I love them, but we are not scheduled until next Nov....Christine

  10. Hi,
    I love to cruise. I attend tea everyday while cruising and just love the the wonderful sweets. Your photos are amazing and thank you for sharing.

  11. Love the special touches on a cruise but not the extra pounds I put on!

  12. Oh my, I would have skipped dinner and just subsisted on the teatime fare, I think!

  13. I'm with Angela. I'd just have tea and skip dinner...well..maybe not. :) The tea sandwiches and sweets look heavenly, and table linens, too. Lovely. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Seasonal Sundays,


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