Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Autumn Decor Everywhere!

It's beginning to look very autumesque at the nest!
Everywhere it seems is a little bit of fall
 - sometimes even in the most unexpected places!

But before I get all into that let me share that my sweet
tea friend Sylvia over at A Grandma's Blessings
has asked a rather good question
 on her blog post today.
I thought I would share my answer to her in my own post.
I encourage you all to visit her
 and let her know where YOU unwind!
One of my very favorite quiet and out-of-the-way places
to read is here on our landing:


I ♥ my petite comfy chair with wings & lumbar pillows
that fits this rather short gal perfectly!
Our fall decorations match most of the house well-see what I mean?

This simple candle/woodenberries/rusty rustic metal bowl
would work nicely on that table next to my reading chair, wouldn't it?


So much of our home is done up in warm rich colours
that autumn fits naturally right in here at Finch Rest!
My yesterday's post also featured Autumn around here.
(If you  haven't seen it yet please do!)


There's something about the luscious colours of fall that just
feel right to shaded woodsy spaces.

It brings me true comfort being around earthy colours.

Another favorite quiet place to read is the bathroom. 

(I know that's a weird truth to share, but it is what it is!)

I take my favorite magazines there - good for catching up! 


The wall colour in the guest bath is a rich, deep moss green.
(It washed out too much in the photos though.)
My talented and crafty youngest daughter tiled this iron table!

I love bringing out seasonal stuff and putting it all around!

Even in the bathrooms! Haha!

A Harvest Moon candle

(Did everyone catch that amazing harvest moon a few days ago?)


The best smelling room spray EVER!


A little and sweet copper painted ceramic & metal pumpkin

Even a black laquered wooden holder perfect for holding
extra paper rolls purchased last year at the amazing
 Country Living Fair (Magazine) hosted in Columbus every September looks right at home in the guest bath with its fall colours.

BTW - an addendum to a recent post!

I had a few people write me and ask to see
the gorgeous fall doilie my eldest daughter made me
for my birthday a few years ago closer up

I really didn't give it the justice it deserves!

Here is the pic I used initially:

And here it is closer up showing its fine workmanship:

She is VERY crafty:

As always, thanks so much for visiting!
Your comments are always savored and appreciated!



  1. That is so pretty, your reading area looks so comfortable. I love the way you decorated your bathroom. The room spray, where do you buy it, I have been looking for a good one. Thanks Michele, for posting in reply to my blog, that is what I hoped others would do, I am interested in where everyone finds a place to refresh themselves from a day of working or just when they need peace and quiet.

  2. I bought that spray last year at Home Goods - didn't see it there this year. I was all ready to buy a bunch, as it is only half full now.

    It is a fresh and nice awesome scent!.

  3. I love that room spray and find mine at TJMaxx. If I had a landing that looked so fine and comfortable, I'd love reading there, too. What a nice spot for you to relax and unwind. And I loved reading why you enjoy autumn colors. I found myself nodding along as if I had thought of it myself. Ha!

  4. What a lovely spot you have to relax and catch up on reading Michele! I will look for that room spray. Thanks for sharing. ♥
    Martha Ellen

  5. Both are such pretty spaces! The landing looks so cozy and I'm all for a chair for short girls...I'm all of 5'1" on a good day! :)

  6. You have a pretty bathroom. I don't even have room in mine for a glass to drink out of. I have to hang a mug on the wall.

  7. I love looking around your pretty home, Michele! Yes, I did see the harvest moon!!

  8. I forgot to tell you, I'm short, too, at 5' 1".

  9. Great reading nook you have set up for yourself, Michele! Your daughter did do a nice job on that doily; I'm glad you showed us a closer look.

  10. The doilie is beautiful. What a treasure!! You have some great fall accents.

  11. Lovely decor, Michele! I adore your doily! Have a nice wknd.

  12. Beautiful doily! I've made a ton of the fabric yo-yos so this is a good idea for something to make using them.

  13. So very pretty MIchele love the soft colors of the flowers and the lovely Harvest Moon candle! Your black box is so much like mine! I remember the antique dealer telling me the name of the box - chinese it! Your handmade touches are perfect! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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