Sunday, October 7, 2012

White Pumpkin Paper Machet Crafty

I recently shared what my eldest daughter
 did for me for my birthday last week
 and promised upon my  return from my very fun gal-pal getaway*
 I would also share what my incredibly artistic
 and crafty younger daughter made me.
And here it is!
She crafted a large paper machet pumpkin for her Momma.
And it is sitting on top of that awesome doily her sister made me for a different birthday that I posted about a few days ago.
These two crafts go hand in hand together don't they?
It's funny about getting crafts from loved ones....
it always means a great deal sentimentally,
and all too often can end up in a closet or a drawer forgotten....
but my girls ALWAYS - know exactly what I would love!
Thank you for understanding me, my daughters dearest.
*Look for more posts about the two
 wonderful teas I attended for my birthday soon
but have a bajillion many pictures to go through first!


  1. They go great together. They are both very talented. You are very blessed.

  2. Ahhhhh that is so sweet! Hope you had a great birthday!!

  3. Those gals are so talented! Yes, both the leaf doily and the lumina pumpkin go together beautifully. Looking forward to your bajillion photos. ☺

  4. Your daughter made a beautiful pumpkin. Love it!

    Happy belated birthday wishes to you.


  5. You are blessed to have such sweet and thoughtful daughters. That pumpkin is SO cute! I love the lid.
    Mary Alice

  6. You have wonderful, talented daughters! The white pumpkin is great. What treasure are you hiding inside?!!!

  7. Both daughters are filled with creativity, aren't they? What wonderful gifts for their mom!

  8. You have talented daughters and they've both made you very nice gifts. I'm glad the pumpkin is white, it could stay out for the entire season of fall.

  9. That is great! Very talented indeed, and belated HB wishes!

  10. Wow that is quite a gift! She did a fabulous job of the pumpkin. I would never have known that it was paper mache if you hadn't told us. What talented daughters you have!!! They are both chips off the old block.....and right out of the same wonderful mold as their mama!!! Hope your birthday was wonderful Michele!!! N.

  11. Very cool paper mache pumpkin. It's great to leave ti white.

  12. I love the paper mache pumpkin, she did a great job!

  13. I love-love-love handmade gifts, and getting such lovely things from your daughters is just the best of all!

  14. How cute!! What a great daughter♥♥♥


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