Tuesday, October 30, 2012

First Day of Snow

Last week I was in shorts, a tee and walking around
 the gardens in my barefeet.

It was mid to high 70s and perfect.

Today, upon my waking,
this is what I found awaiting me outside:

My, how quickly things change sometimes.


  1. The leaves haven't even reached peak there yet and you have snow...so unfair. Hope that it doesn't last long! Pretty, though. Hope it means a "snow day" for you!

  2. I know! What the heck! : ) I saw we are back up to 51 by Saturday in the online forecast. So far I'm just seeing rain here {and wind}.

  3. Snow is pretty but so hard to live with! It was in the low 60's here in Georgia Sunday night and last night it was 38, and going back up by the end of the week,,,it does change over night.

  4. Here too.. warm almost summery weather then the wind blew hard and its in the 40's.
    I enjoy the different seasons so I wont fuss about it. I just have to keep some short sleeve shirts and Sweaters in the hall closet lol

  5. Well now, that's a bit early isn't it? I think when H Sandy met another storm with a cold front, snow was expected in our far north anyway - wouldn't have thought you'd get it too. With the way the weather is this year, you might be back in shorts by next week. :-)

  6. Michele, it feels cold enough to snow here but it hasn't. It is windy, damp and cold and there is heavy snow in the mountains nearby. I love snow so your photo looks like fun to me. Of course, I probably wouldn't like it if we had lots of snow but in these parts we don't get much snow, only in the higher elevations. Stay warm and have a nice cup of tea!------- Shannon

  7. The snow actually looks pretty with some of the colorful leaves still on the trees! Amazing how the weather is so different all around the country at this time. Here in the upper Midwest it's 40 degrees and windy. I think a nice warm fire might be in order this afternoon! :)


  8. I'm not ready for the white stuff! We already had a light covering of snow about two weeks ago. Cold and real windy here today, I can hear the waves of Lake Superior from my home. Stay warm!

  9. Jeepers! I'm dreaming of a white ... Halloween? Sure is pretty, though!

  10. Unbelievable! Would it be weird if I said I love the first snowfall?


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