Monday, October 1, 2012

What's in My Cabinet?

What is in my cabinet?

Well most of you know I have some issues
 with owning too much lots of china.
I live for acquiring, keeping, collecting, using and selling china.
....especially TEA related china, always my favorites.

I apologize in advance for the glare, reflections, dust, grainy-ness and poor lighting of these pics. It's more about the stuff than the beauty of the stuff. Hope you indulge me anyway. TY!!



The above glass etagiere (which has a light I never use)
I have had for YEARS, purchased inexpensively from Ikea
way back when my tastes were ultra modern contemporary.
I have outgrown this piece in many ways
but it fits nicely in the unused corner tucked behind the piano.
Here is a closer look at what's inside - important treasures to me.



In the far back is my very favorite photo taken of my parents
watching the sunset from their place in Englewood, Florida.
Photo was taken by my little sister Teresa many years ago.
To the left is an antique amber glass and silver overlay wine jug
given to me from Pop in the 80s.
The crystal pitcher was my paternal grandmother's.
The woven straw St. Bridget cross in front of the picture was given to me by my older sister Mary Beth - purchased in Ireland when we all went there together in the 90s.
The tiny leather church missalette is from my sweet friend Mary D.
The tiny teapot trinket box is from my niece/God-daughter Darien.
The demitasse cup on left was a gift from my dear friend Dawn.
It matches her favorite china set.
The praying hands statuary is from my niece/ God-daughter Delaney.




The antique teapot I posted all about here
where you can also see a pic of my beautiful maternal Grandmother.

The piano jewelry box from my Dad is my single favorite possession(except for my engagement ring.)

The teacup on the stand from my FIL was posted all about here.

The little brass bell with brown ribbon was the bell we rang at my daughter's Autumn wedding.

The glass paperweight once belonged to my paternal Grandmother.

It's difficult to see it so here is a close up of that cute little pewter music stand my MIL and FIL gave me.

My MIL truly picks out the most thoughtful gifts.

The two china rose chintz trinket boxes - one is my little sister's and one is mine but she wanted them to stay together - were gifts from our Pop too when we were really little.


(An old hand painted Violets Bavarian tea set.)

The flowers inside and also in pic below is one of my small china flowers arrangement - the first pic on top shows it close up.

I posted about them here.



I found the wooden hutch cabinet treasure (above) this past summer.
It's the perfect size for my short wall near the piano,
which you can glimpse in the reflection of the glass.
I LOVE this cabinet because it also has drawers for all of our flatwear-
vintage silver, gold, ivory, wrought iron, modern.
Then it has a few more drawers for my vintage linens.

One day I may share close ups of what's inside, but this post is long.

(Besides - this changes often.)

I'm considering painting this cabinet black to match the etagiere and piano and sideboard- but the wood is such high quality I can't find the nerve just yet. Sometimes painting certain wood is a real shame. This may be one of those times, pic doesn't do it justice.


This distressed painted black heavy wooden cabinet is a modern piece purchased from Ballard Design a few years ago.

This cabinet is constantly changing based on seasons and needs
but is currently holding this extra spring/summer china stuff.

I just returned from vacation & still need to bring up the Autumn china.

The real bulk of our china is kept in the china storage room
in the basement, though - but that's for another time, perhaps.



Please join Sandi from Rose Chintz Cottage for
Tea Time Tuesday party
to take a peek into other peep's cabinets!
Click pic above to take you there!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Everything is so lovely and I love the stories behind your items :)

    Blessings to you,

  2. A wonderful tour of your home Michelle...thanks so much! I am a china lover too, so...I understand!

  3. Hello Michele,
    I am so happy you have joined my party today, my friend! You have some very lovely pieces and I am loving the crystal pitcher which was your grandmother's! Your cabinets are both wonderful and I don't know if I would have the gumption to paint the first one or not. I guess it would depend on how much I want them to match. It would certainly look stunning painted black too. I enjoyed all the stories which accompanied your pieces. Thanks so much for sharing your pretties with us and have a beautiful day.


  4. Michele thank you for sharing your treasures. You have lovely pieces! I especially like the Bavarian Violet tea set! Just gorgeous! I agree with you about not painting the hutch--it's beautiful wood--maybe cherry? Hope you had a nice vacation. ♥
    Martha Ellen

  5. Such a large beautiful collection of china that you have Michele.
    I love your large sideboard and your china cabinet.. it looks lovely.
    I too have a black sideboard..chinese..
    I gave a lot of my china to my daughter.
    still have some..I use most of mine.
    thanks for sharing.
    happy week

  6. Wow! What a collection, Michele. I love the Bavarian violets set.

  7. So many lovely things Michele! It was fun peeking over your shoulder into your cabinets and shelves. You actually have a whole china storage room in the basement? I'm looking forward to seeing it.
    If I could choose, I'd use the hand painted violet china for my tea.
    Thanks for sharing your collections.

  8. Agreed! There are many times when painting wood is a crying shame. I think it's too overdone these days without much thought given. If the wood is beautiful and fine, I'd leave it be. I have a number of wood pieces in my home and they'll be staying that way. This trend to paint everything will pass one day.

    You have so many pretty things. I had to go back to see your beautiful grandmother. She certainly was! I often have displayed my great-grandmother's photo with her cocoa pot.

    I don't know how you let anything go...

  9. Hi Michele, I love your Bavarian teaset and your crystal water pitcher! Love your china cabinet too, and would love a peak at what's inside, as well as your basement china storage - sounds like you have LOTS of china! I'm obsessed with dishes too!

  10. How lovely to have such gorgeous places to store your china. The lovely glass cabinet with all your beautiful treasures is just perfect. I love your pewter music stand and the gorgeous pot from your grandmother. I also have the Ikea cabinets but I placed them in front of my windows so we could still see the view and enjoy the keepsakes. Your pretties were so much fun to see and I appreciate you sharing.

    Thanks, Pam

  11. OOH, Michele, what beautiful mementos you have in all those special spots. I loved seeing each and every one of them. I'd love to take a peek in your basement. That's one thing I miss here in basements!! I'm thinking about your gorgeous hutch. It may be a shame to paint it. I have an old pine one that I want to paint black, but it's not great wood.

  12. A china storage room.'re in the big leagues as far as china collecting goes! I was telling Sandi I am working on improving my storage...I am quite impressed - love your sideboard and china cabinet - I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  13. I wondered where you kept all your pretty china! You have so many lovely pieces and some real treasures too. Enjoy them!

    I agree with you on painting the china cabinet. Some pieces are just better left alone. It's hard to figure out sometimes which to keep & which to paint.

  14. Great idea to store extra china. I am not sure I would ever remember to change it out. I do that just once a year. At Christmas. It's an ordeal for me these days. I do love the idea though and this year I actually did some Autumn decorating inside and out so one never knows.
    Great ideas and I love the Violets, I do collect China with Violets on it.

  15. What great displays....I have a hutch very similar to one of yours. I love all your china and you have everything displayed so lovely!

  16. I've got collecting issues too - and love every minute of it!! Your china is fabulous and your displays perfection.

  17. Michele, I loved seeing where you stored some of your treasures. There is that darling Forget Me Not teaset that I adored the first time I saw it on your blog. You have so many wonderful things handed down from family. Going to see your post with your granny.

  18. Oh Michele...I felt like I was so at home and.... welcomed by you personally. I too love your treasures and I love your side board, hutch and all your fun cabinets. I can hardly wait to get to see it all in person one of these fine days. Have missed you!! N.

  19. :) All I can do is smile. :)

    Just enough china is when you get that next piece. :) Am I right?
    I love that sweet photo of your parents. What a treasure.

    Have a great week. :)

  20. Beautiful, and what sweet memories these pieces hold. One tip I read recently - cut pieces of cardboard or foam core board to fit the back of the display shelves, and either paint them or cover them with fabric. Easy to change when you are tired of the color, and no harm to your furniture!

  21. Hi Michele,
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection of treasures and china. I love your black hutch and think your other china cabinet would look amazing painted black as well. I would like to paint mine too! Have a wonderful week!

  22. Greetings Michele... What a delight to peek into your cabinets ( hee hee)...I almost feel guilty but loved viewing your lovely Bavarian violet teaset...and all the delicate pretties on the second shelf.. We do love china and collect so much more than we need ( ha Ha)... but isn't it fun to show and tell ....Thanks for sharing ...Hugs

  23. Michele I LOVE this post and I can certainly see why that little piano jewellery box is your favourite possesion, it caught my eye too !
    Your home is lovely and you are right, the Autumn tones work well with your decor xo

  24. You have some great cabinets and beautiful keepsakes in your china cabinets. I love the black sideboard.

  25. I am always so happy to learn another collector/acquirer has "meaningful" thoughts about her things. It really isn't just "stuff," is it? Souvenirs of life, I say! Love that you changed your description of "too much" china to say "lots." And you know, I see such extraordinary beauty in your collection -- from the lovely sunset photo of your parents, to the bell from your daughter's wedding, the piano jewelry box, etc. These are priceless ... Oh, and I too have an old piece of furniture I'd like to paint (a mahogany secretary, but I'm thinking it wants to be lighter). If you do it with your furniture, maybe I'll be brave enough to try it too. Well, sheesh, I didn't mean to write a book here -- sorry!

  26. Hello Michele,

    You do have such a lovely collection of china, teacups, and treasures. I personally do not think one can have too many. You have the space for storing it, which is a supper plus.

    I love your wooden hutch full of treasure! What a lovely display you have made!

    It is delightful that you have the class cabinets so that you can enjoy these treasures every day .


  27. Such pretty things! Thank you for sharing this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again on Monday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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