Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Few Christmas Whites

What a wonderful Christmas this year!

Every single thing about it was just oh-so-perfect!
I truly hope and pray yours was, too!
The entire month of December went flying past me.
I had really hoped to share a home tour and lots of
pretty pics of the white Christmas world surrounding me...
such as all my shell ornaments, angels and stars
 on our gold and white tree!
...but alas, it is now the day after Christmas
so I may just have to
share it all next year, God willing.
I am extra fond of angels playing flutes, since
I have been playing the flute since the 3rd grade.
Though, just to share, it makes me crazy
 when I see them played backwards like this one below.
I have been collecting shell ornaments
 for many years.
This pretty one below we purchased on
Grand Cayman Island on our honeymoon!
I have all sorts of gilded and jeweled silk poinsiettas
and pearl ropes embellishing our tree.
Of course we have all sorts of pretty birdies whenever possible!
But truly the BEST white I have to share
is what we woke up to today!

Here is out backyard - wasn't it a gorgeous snowfall?
(And there's another big blizzard coming we're warned!)
I simple opened the back door as soon as it stopped falling
and stood inside to take these two photos
I "spliced" them together to try and give you a panoramic view.

(Sorry about the screen in window showing but I like the cold from seeing in warmth, lol)

Now I'm going to put the kettle on and enjoy teatime....
...and consider putting away the Christmas china.
Thank you for your visit!


  1. Beautiful ornaments,Michele, and your snow filled yard is "picture perfect". I thought of you when I saw the news and the weathermen said the north was getting snow. I love it! We don't get much snow, often, in the south.


    1. Come visit, anytime Sylvia - I will ask all the STS ladies for tea if you do so we can all finally meet in person after being tea friends all these years!

  2. Beautiful ornaments! We are getting our first winter storm too! I love snow! Your photo's are lovely!
    Merry Christmas,

  3. The shell is so sweet from your honeymoon! I cannot even imagine waking up to that beautiful sight! We live an hour and a half away from snow (Tahoe). I have always wanted to go for Christmas, but I am the only one in the family that wants to. Your pictures is the exact reason I want to do that....I should just book it next year and tell everyone they are going! :) Happy New Year, Michele!!

  4. the snow is beautiful, isn't it? wishing you a wonderful new year, michele!!

  5. Gorgeous whites! Happy New Year to you and yours!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  6. We had snow, too, Michele! It was great seeing the kids out playing in it. Happy New year to you!!

  7. Beautiful! Love your view of lovely evergreens. How wonderful to get snow! Could you tell I am loving the quiet aftermath? The month whizzed by for us too. I feel like I missed a ton on the blog. But Christmas was wonderful with the family, and I'm glad it was for you too. Yeah! Find that CD. So relaxing!

  8. Pretty ornaments Michelle, and I didn't know you play the flute! Although we didn't have much snow Christmas Day, Mother Nature made up for it overnight and I awoke to almost a foot of it. Poor little dogs went out the back instead of for a walk and just about disappeared.

  9. Gorgeous view and look at all that snow! We had a little snow but it's now melted and we are back to rain.

    Your ornaments are lovely!


  10. Your yard is beautiful, Michele, and so are your ornaments. I like angels too and have several in my garden. May 2013 bring you joy, hope, peace, love, faith, and good health! Beth


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