Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas in the Foyer

Christmas has come to our foyer.... way of STARS

....and SANTAS

(Beautifully created by my dear quilting friend Marcia W.)

....and my favvie:  METAL CHRISTMAS TREES

.....add some winter greenery

 and a few rustic touches, et.....voila!

Good 'Ole St. Nick likes things easy and simple!

A heavy old urn filled with branches
 is a simple way to show off little wicker stars.

A great way to "feature" a mini
quilted wall hanging
 is to use wire or fishing line and just
put over a mirror to make a temporary frame!

Simple vignettes can be placed anywhere - even on a wall!

We keep our other small rustic homespun Charlie Brown tree
 up in the loft area here just to the right of this art niche
out of sight of this shot

I plan to share pics of that soon!

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  1. Hi Michele1
    Your foyer is lovely. What a talented friend you have who beautifully made your large Santa. He is spectacular and looks great in your home. Your stars and twigs are so nicely arranged by your front door. They create such a welcoming setting for friends and family.

  2. Love your foyer! Stars, stars and more stars. Great Santas!

  3. Very pretty, Michele! What a great niche, too. It must be fun to decorate that area! Love your Santa's. I put out a few less of mine this year {and one needs some repairing}.

  4. Your foyer looks lovely Michele and I can appreciate rustic holiday decor. The santa dressed in white is very nice.

  5. Very pretty, I love the arrangement in the vase.


  6. Love that Santa's's so cute and cheeky. You have a knack with decorating and I do thank you for sharing your home with us!

  7. What beautiful Christmas decor! You really have a deft touch, it seems, and know just when to decorate and when to stop! I like the idea about the mini quilt, too. I've always wondered how I would display one (if I ever finish one), and this is a MOST helpful idea. Thanks!

  8. very pretty Michele, I love christmas and seeing everyone's decorations. The ideas keep coming now I do need to finish.

  9. Your foyer looks lovely!
    What a beautiful home you have!
    I love metal trees too and I like your wall display with the angel carrying a wreath.
    Thanks for sharing your tip about hanging small quilts - great idea!

  10. I see your decorating is progressing and even up the stairs. It is so much work plus the time and effort. Your metal Christmas tree is too cute with your Willow Tree angel. Keep it going.

  11. I love the champagne corks!!!
    Brilliant idea for the mini quilts!!!
    Lovely, Michele~as always
    Ruthie from:

  12. Looks just great! That is a good idea for the quilt!

  13. Hi Michele,
    Your little touches make your home so whimsical and Christmasy! Great idea hanging the little quilt over the framed mirror.
    Thank you for praying for my son. He has been through quite an ordeal. The surgery was much more serious than we originally thought. My job will be changing dressings the next few days as his sweet wife doesn't have the stomach for it.
    Thank you for linking up to my HOME and have a wonderful weekend, my friend.


  14. Love you fun and yet simple and not overdone. Lovely.

  15. Good Morning Michele! Love your beautiful entry!

    I just wanted to let you know that I featured you this morning from FCF.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  16. It all looks very elegant and festive. Great ideas.

  17. Oh Michele...
    You've got everything decorated so cute!
    Love it all!!

    Hope you are having a very merry and bright Christmas season!!

  18. Ooooooh! Love your fluffy Santa! Looks like good cheer at your place. Thanks for sending some my way and joining up on the new blog! I always love your comments.

  19. Looks like you're ready for Christmas at your house. I still have things and rooms to do. I really like those lovely stars in the urn.

  20. Love your white woodland Santa, so sweet!!! Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  21. I have just been catching up on all of your Christmas decorating Michele. Isn't it just such a wonderful time of the year ! Thinking of you and wishing you happy days x

  22. Hi Michele!
    I'm just stopping by to say hello and wish you a very happy holiday season!! All of your decorations are beautiful - lots of great ideas. I hope you've been well - I've been away from blogging regularly for a while and trying to catch up.
    Merry Christmas,
    Cindy, Buster, Rudy and Sam


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