Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our Christmas Mantle

Wow. It's official.
 It's December.
And it's my first blogging Christmas!
Let the beauty of Christmas begin!

This metal beaded and wired candle holder sits on our mantle
 (turned upside down to use for height for that flocked tree.)
(It also hides the cords to the itty bitty rice lights on the tree.)
It was the last gift my father gave me before he passed away
 and is very special to me.

At our nest Christmas is all about
Old World gold, white, and pearl
with touches of brown, evergreen and lots & lots of shine.

I absolutely ADORE metal Christmas trees
 and have built quite a collection of them.
This is just a simple tiny one on the mantle.

I have a string of gold metal star garland across the mantle.
Here is one of the stars close up.

My daughter made me this amazing evergreen mantle spray
as a gift years ago when she was only in high school!
It, too, counts among my very favorite
 heart-felt Christmas treasures!

I never ever seem to decorate this room up the same way twice.
Decorating and changing and fussing is such fun, yes?

I just realized that I didn't put out my trio of white poinsiettas in the corner -
silk, of course because REAL poinsiettas are poisonous to kitties.  I put them on the right
to balance out the heaviness of the chairs on the left. Darn.
Our Christmas decor is very peaceful and uncomplicated.

My cherished but simple 3 piece Nativity
 is a precious gift from my sweet mother
 when I had celebrated my first Christmas in my very own home.

It has been here all these years to sweetly remind us
 of the Reason for the Season!

I have it displayed this year on my sofa table on an antique mirror.
I will light the tree candle on Christmas Eve
to Light the Way for the Sweet Baby Jesus' Arrival!
I was all set to sell this mirror until I thought of 
this awesome use for it, so it's stayin'!
The Holy Family seems perfectly situated on it.
 I have placed two matching poinsietta pillows
 on my pair of brown high backed chairs.
Here is a close up of one of them to see the detail.

I have a "lone" embroidered woven NOEL pillow opposite
the chairs sitting in the center of the sofa.
The black breaks up all the neutral and the
shiny bling muted gold just works for me at Christmastime!
I have the tree and lots of other Christmas touches
to share with you at a later date
(as this post is getting a little long.)

As always, thanks for your visit!

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  1. Michele, your living room looks lovely! I love the color of the wall around the fireplace. Very elegant. Merry Christmas to you and your family! ♥
    Martha Ellen

  2. Everything looks so elegant and lovely. The color choices are wonderful and your things so beautifully vignetted. I had no idea that this was your first Christmas blogging. Oh, you're so going to love Christmas in Blogdom!

    1. Yep, Jan 1st of this year was my very first post. : - )

      I am flattered you didn't realize how new to this I am, Vee!


  3. Your mantel (your whole room, actually) looks beautiful! You're right, it's peaceful & uncomplicated. I love it, it's perfection!

  4. Michelle,your Christmas home decor is just perfect. Very peaceful. xx

  5. Michelle, you have such wonderful memories scattered around your room ... the precious tree from your Father, the mantle spray your daughter made and the gorgeous nativity from your Mother. Simple elegance! Love the poinsietta pillows. Happy Happy!

  6. That is a beautiful room and keeping the mantle simple and clean makes it look even better. Very classy.

  7. Very pretty, Michele! Love that spray your daughter made on your mantel. Love your Noel pillow, too.

  8. Hello Michelle
    I love all your special touches, especially the nativity on the mirror. I'm wondering if the swag your daughter made is removed when there is a fire on? I hung a swag with eucalyptus leaves over top of a mantle we had in a previous house and the whole thing wilted from the heat.
    As Vee said, you'll like Christmas blogging.

    1. Yes, indeed - I just scoot the votives over and put it in front of the mirror ON the mantel then.

      The mantel is deep enough to be able to get away with it.

  9. Looks very nice, love the stocksings


  10. Lovely decor and good to hear the stories behind the items that were given to you by family members.

  11. How exciting! Blogging is so fun at Christmas! You have some beautiful keepsakes. I love your colors. Gold is a natural, and of course you know I love the white! All gorgeous together!

  12. You have some great treasures with lots of memories to go with them. The evergreen spray that your daughter made years ago looks band new and works perfectly with all of your gold accents. I love the NOEL pillow, very pretty!

  13. How very beautiful and peaceful, Michele! I love your nativity set from your sweet Mom. The mantle is gorgeous and I love your pillows.

  14. Michele this is beautiful. Simplicity at it's best! Why can I not do this? I love the look. So serene and calm. You have some wonderful things with precious family collections.

  15. Absolutely adore this post! So much to love--from the sentimental family pieces to your elegant, clutter-free living room (would you come fix mine?) and the whole beauty of your color palette ... LOVE THIS, Michele!

  16. Love the warm coppers and golds you used in your Christmas decor! They look great with your ivory colored upholstery.

  17. Michele, Everything is so pretty! Isn't this the best time to be a much inspiration out there.


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