Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year's Eve Tablescape

It's never easy making the transition from Christmas
 to New Year's Eve within just a few days for me.
 It's really difficult to let Christmas go....
such much work...........
and when it is all over is a bittersweet, isn't it?
 It is a special time to find peace and in reflection
enjoy our beautiful surroundings
 without that never-ending "To Do" list running through our heads.
Then it hits us! Yikes!
New Year's Eve Dinner is in a few days!!!!


I decided to keep things unfussy and simple. 

I am using my red starry plates and gold flatware again but brought out crisp clean and bright white Damask and my clock plates. The clock face plates have blue and gold stars which work with the red and gold starred dinner plates.
My clock salad plates also have Christmas scenes on them,
 so they are a great bridge between one holiday ending
 and another new year beginning.


This beautiful bouquet of flowers was a Christmas Eve gift
from  my youngest daughter's new boy friend.
(They were my inspiration to use red with this tablescape.)
The backdrop of this pristine perfect snow
makes any colour look lovely!
Clock face salad plates: Dickens by Department 56
14K Gold Red Star plates: Galaxy by Sakura
Large solid white dinner plates: Crate and Barrel
Crystal stemware - ?

Best Wishes for a Happy, Safe, Healthy,
 Prosperous, Joyous & Wonderful
NEW YEAR 2013!



  1. How sweet that your daughter's new friend brought you such beautiful flowers on Christmas Eve! Wow! I thought chivalry might be dead, but apparently it was only taking a nap! :-) Major brownie points scored there! :-) I love your plate combination!!! The clock plates are just SO COOL!!!!!!! I REALLY like them!!! You're right...they work really great with the starred dinner plates beneath them! There's just a whole kind of magical look about it all! I'm so glad you enjoyed a great Christmas Eve celebration, and I wish you and your family (and the very considerate new friend!) a very happy New Year!

  2. Michele, you make the transition look easy! I love this place-setting...such cute dishes! I like the BF that gifts flowers! That's nice :)

  3. Lovely everything! That new bf has potential! Christmas is still going on at our house and will continue until Epiphany. The white is so soothing, perfect for New Year's Eve. Best wishes for the coming year!

  4. Love your plates, everything is just beautiful and the snow out the windows is perfect for a New Year's setting!

  5. The salad plates are too cute and are an excellent transition to New Year!

  6. lovely! I enjoy Christmas all the way through and following Epiphany. I decided long ago not to let go. There are some Christmas things that will remain out all year and that's another little trick I use to move forward.

    The choices you've made with dish selection is perfection. Who wouldn't enjoy sitting down at that table and having a New Year's Dinner?! The snow does look fine and beautifully new and white. Can I say "perfection" again or is it too soon?

  7. The choices you've made with dish selection are perfection...that should read. Some days I can get subject and verb agreement going...other days, not so much. ☺

  8. Hi Michele, your dinnerware is lovely. Perfectly festive and fun! Do enjoy seeing the snowy landscape in the background. May God bless you and your family during this Christmas Season!

  9. Love, love love!!! The starry plates and the clock plates are wonderful pieces. Just love them both. Great table and beautiful flowers. xo marlis

  10. Lovely New Year tablescape. Enjoy the snow! Happy New Year!

  11. I love the clock dishes and the red stars dishes also! How about sharing where you got them? They are just lovely and I know I would enjoy them for years! Will you tell us who made them both at least? Thanks ahead of tiem! I'd say the bf is a keeper also! We also celebrate Christmas until epiphany, and like Vee above, I keep some angels, and my Elvis Christmas drive in theatre out all year! lOL...can't put Elvis in the closet! Love your work!

  12. Those dishes are perfect! You are right the snow is a lovely backdrop. We are getting some now so my movie plans got postponed. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on it.

    Happy New Year!


  13. Michele, this is a wonderful tablescape. I just love those clock face plates. They are PERFECT for this New Year's Eve setting. Love it!

    Happy New Year!

  14. I always wanted to make a New Year's tablescape! Yours is wonderful, Michele. I love the clock plates...they're perfect.

  15. I wish I had the dishes to make a New Years table this pretty! The clock plates are so sweet as well as the snowy landscape out the window!

    I am the same way about my Christmas is just too bittersweet to put away. And I love how it reminds me of all the hope and joy I put into making it the most wonderful Christmas ever!

    SO happy I met you in Blogland this year. I so enjoy your posts and wish you a very Happy New Year! :)


  16. Love, love, love this! What perfect plates for the New Year.

    - The Tablescaper

  17. What a really great New Years table. Love the clock plates anyway, but they look great paired with the star plates and so nice you had the gold flatware to go along with it. Very rich and unique.

    Blessings for a Wonderfully Joyous New Year,

  18. I love your combo of plates, the stars and the clocks...wonderful
    Very pretty and "timely" table! :)
    Happy 2013 and thanks for linking to Let's Dish!

  19. I love the clock plates with the starry plates, Michele! What a thoughtful gift of flowers by your daughter's new boyfriend. Gotta love that and it makes a perfect centerpiece. Happy 2013 to you and your loved ones. XO

  20. Pretty layering of plates....I have your starry plates in green and love using them! Pretty flowers - so thoughtful! Happy New Year

  21. You couldn't have picked better plates for a New Years them.
    Happy New Year to you, Michele.

  22. Hello Michele! These clock plates are fantastic, I've never seen them.
    Very beautiful table.
    Happy New Year!
    Besos from Argentina (no snow here, summer!), Silvina

  23. Beautiful Michele! Love the frosty snow outside the window. I love your dishes. Especially the clock salad plates. They are fabulous. Wishing you a wonderful '2013'!

  24. Beautiful table setting! I have had company all week .. and until Jan. 2! .. so I haven't had time to think about a dinner yet.

    Your plates are so pretty!

    Happy New Year.. wishing you the best i 2013!

  25. Your colors are wonderful and I am in love with those clock plates. I definitely have plate envy.

    Enjoy a lovely New Year's dinner.

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  27. Hi Michele, I LOVE your New Year's tablescape - particularly the Dept. 56 clock face places. I've spent considerable time searching the Internet for them [including several Dept. 56 websites], but I haven't had any luck, so I'm assuming you've had them awhile and they're probably retired??? Wishing you a Happy New Year. ~ Phyllis


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