Sunday, December 16, 2012


Ending my giveaway a few days earlier than planned,
so it can get mailed out and enjoyed
 before the holidays are over.
 It was posted here.
I can't believe how fast the days are flying -
 and how poorly timed my giveaway was in hindsight.
(But I sincerely mean well.)

SO- without further ado - the winner of the teacup floral designed by yours truly is......
.......Drum roll please.......
VEE from the blog A Haven for Vee.
(Insert loud wonderful happy cheers from the crowd!)
Vee, please send me a quick email with your mailing addy
 and it will be mailed to you on Monday!
And THANK YOU all for the wonderful comments -
 you all are so awesome!
Thanks for being such loyal readers!!


  1. Congrats to Vee, I know she will enjoy your giveaway floral design.

  2. Oh yes! I know that she will, too! =D

    You're such a sweetie, Michele. We can not know all things in advance can we? I really appreciated what you had to say on this Sunday in Advent, too, and the scriptures and thoughts you shared.

    I am baking cookies today. They're not turning out quite as I had planned, but the house smells terrific. ☺


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