Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cookies! Cookies! Cookies! OH! MY!

It's baking time around the nest!
Yesterday I made batches of Eggnog Biscotti
 and Eggnog Tea Bread Mini Loaves!
Today I am baking and decorating
 my annual cut out sugar cookies.
It's big TRADITION around here!!
My youngest daughter is coming to help.
She missed so many holidays living in Cali...
....but she is more than making up
 for lost time now!


I had all these pics of last year's cutouts
and I didn't start blogging until January -
 so I'm sharing their festive colourful fun
 with all of you THIS year!
I really loved making these white sparkly snowflakes
 but they broke too easily.
 Probably won't make many this time.

I try to stay relatively even-numbered
 with the shapes and colours
 for my annual cookie exchange party.
It makes packing them up for the guests
 easier and looks better, too.
I have hosted a cookie & gift exchange party
 for absolutely YEARS.
If you haven't been to one,
 simply host one yourself!
They're REALLY fun, super easy
 and an awesome way
 to get together with friends.
It's a GREAT way to trade and get
 lots of different variety of cookies! 
The above is a really close up pic
 of one of my holiday runners. 
I just love cardinals -
 they're our state bird, too!
Whatever you do this weekend have yourselves a great one!


  1. Your cookies all look so yummy. No cookies here, but I am going to bake some pumpkin scones this weekend. I may eat them all myself! :D :D

  2. beautiful cookies Michele, my grandkids are all (6 of them) coming next weekend to bake cookies together, should be fun.

  3. Your cookies are really beautiful, Michele, and I'm sure they taste good too. I've not made any cookies yet, but I did go on a cookie walk and bought some. They're not any prettier than yours, though! By the way, your granite counter top color looks just like mine. Love it! Merry Christmas!

  4. Michele, I would be in cookie heaven at your place. I'll take a cookie over cake or pie with my tea any time. They're all so pretty too.
    I've never been involved in a cookie exchange, I'm sure it must be fun.

  5. YOU ARE HAVING A "BAK-A-THON" for sure! They look very professtional and I love it all - pass one over!!

  6. Oh my goodness Michele! What a wonderful cookie factory! You give Mrs. Field's a run for her money :)

    Have a blessed an totally AWESOME day!


  7. This really is a cookie factory, I've never seen so many! The idea of a cookie exchange sounds like a lot of fun though, I'll have to give it a try. (What an awesome way to get lots of treats!!!)

  8. Your cookies are just beautiful Michelle. I haven't made cookies for Christmas for years. Cookie making and sending cards are two Christmas traditions I gave up years ago, simply because they had become a chore and a stress more than an enjoyment. Haven't missed either, except I do miss eating the cookies. Your pretty cookies do tempt me (almost) to make some, but I don't need the calories or the sugar since it aggravates my sleep disorder and puts me in a coma. I think I'll be content to look at yours.

  9. Your cookies look beautiful, Michele! I've been baking and freezing and plan on givi g away goody bags to my kids and friends. The egg nog biscotti and tea bread sound dee-lish

  10. Wow. These are great! I am glad you shared even though they are from last year. They are so colorful and pretty! Love the hearts on the tree :)

  11. they look delicious! I love the hearts on the little trees too. I hadn't heard of egg not biscotti, but they certainly look and sound delicious. Today I finally started doing some Christmas baking. I will do some more next weekend. I wish you and yours a safe and joyous Christmas. I am linking up to you through Mosaic Monday.

  12. Oh my, your cookies are gorgeous! I still haven't quite mastered the art of making a pretty *iced* sugar cookie, and that's one of my goals for 2013. Maybe by Valentine's Day I'll have some pretty pink and red ones to share!


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