Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Dinner Tablescape

Here is our formal dining room tablescape for Christmas Day!
I am warning you of a photo-heavy post!
But for once my post isn't too wordy!
(I know, I know; you all will miss my witty & clever commentary!)
Bits and hints of formal damask works nicely with this tablescape
but the fringe on the place mats keeps it from being "too" stuffy.

Sometimes the unexpected and simplest little pops of colour
 bring out the very best in a design.

Is a perfect time to bring out the scalloped chargers & gold flatware!

I found this huge amazing centerpiece at a local upscale consignment shop last year and truly and quite audibly
 squealed from sheer joy when I found it.

Used two old silverplated tri candle holders on either end of the table. The silver doesn't work great here but works with the formality of the table. What I am searching for is the perfect gold mercury glass taper or pillar holders, but so far haven't found what I want. Let me know if you see any out there for me!

I have & have had different sets of Christmas teacups
but these are my absolute very favorites.

I am blessed to have 6 of them.
I should look for two more one of these days.

I have the salt and pepper shakers
 and the lidded sugar bowl and creamer to the set too.
I don't have the matching teapot,
but use my  solid white usually with them.

I had a small tablecloth that matched these napkins
 but sold it years ago as I never once used it.
It was just too beautiful not to be shown off, used and loved.
 I hated breaking up that set but couldn't possibly
 part with these napkins!
You may have noticed I switched out the napkins.
 Decided to use the first ones in a different  tablescape in kitchen
since our Christmas dinner group is growing.
The table here grown to accommodate 10,
but when used it is too crampy and crowded.
The other sits 6 comfortably and 8 if needed.
Will share the other table next week.
Red glass goblets: Martha Stewart 
Salad plates: Mikasa -Holiday Delight pattern
White luncheon plates: Pope Gosser (antique)
Red star dinner plates: 24K gold Sakura
Gold flatwear: Dalia of Spain
Teacups: Royal Grafton (but you knew that already)
Placemats: Home Interiors/retired (I think)
Thank you for your visit!


  1. absolutely stunning.. should be in a magazine~!

  2. Everything looks beautiful and so the napkins just beautiful

  3. Michele, this is just gorgeous! For me, nothing beats red, green, gold, and white at Christmas; I truly love it. My favorite things are your exquisite napkins, the damask placemats, your starry dinner plates and Mikasa salad plates. Last, but not least, the teacups and saucers, along with salt and peppers are really lovely!!

    This is a beautiful formal Christmas table, Michele -- thanks for sharing it. Have a wonderful day!


  4. Your table looks gorgeous, Michele! I love your dishes and the pear you've used on top of them. That is a really pretty pattern on that teacup.

  5. Lovely! And if a daughter is paying close attention, she might know what to get you for Christmas! ☺

  6. Very pretty Michele. A well decorated table just makes the feast that much merrier, doesn't it?

  7. Such a beautiful table! Thanks for sharing it.

  8. Michelle, you table is gorgeous! The dishes are lovely and you struck gold with the centerpiece. Love the pear....such details are meant to be admired.

  9. This is such a beautiful tablescape! Elegant, yet not too's just perfect!

  10. This is such an elegant table. The dishes are very pretty and that glass pear is gorgeous.


  11. Stunning, my dear!! Everything is just beautiful :) Happy weekend.


  12. Classy!!

    I adore the touches of gold.

    I remember that someone gave us a gold flatware set years ago when we got married.... I wonder what ever happened to it.

    Now that I've seen your beautiful gold touched table... I really want to figure out if I can find that flatware~~LOL!!!

    Hope you have a great weekend, and continue to enjoy this wonderful Christmas season!

  13. What a stunning table, Michele! Love the teacup, of course! The gold with pops of red and green is just beautiful and those little pears are adorable! You know I have a set of gold plated silverware and I rarely use it. Shame, really. Hope you have a splendid weekend, sweet friend.

    Christmas blessings,

  14. What a beautiful table you've set, dear Michele! I LOVE those salad plates by Mikasa. I've never seen that pattern and it is gorgeous. The teacups are so special and I love your centerpiece.

  15. Very classy and decent collection. I am speechless after seeing the decoration pattern and the choice of collection is very impressive. I to have a set of spoon, matching to yours. Definitely gonna use it, this year. We are a leading translation company providing arabic translations and also a best seo company .

  16. Michelle your Christmas table looks stunning !
    It looks so warm and enticing and a pleasure to look at.
    I love your traditional colours and that gold flatware set is glorious. Merry Christmas to you my lovely friend, thankyou for your kind words all year long and for sharing the love of all things wonderful and pretty. Your friendship is a blessing to me xo

  17. What a beautiful table setting. Like the red and gold. This year iam doing silver and black, and red in the kitchen. Thank you for sharing your Christmas setting. Merry christmas

  18. Oh, bless you, bless you, bless you for sourcing the names of your patterns! Several times I have wanted to ask you about a pattern I admired, but I realize it takes time to answer all those e-mails you must get. But I love those Mikasa plates--and would you believe this china addict DOES NOT OWN any Christmas plates! I have some dessert sets, but no formal china plates for Christmas. So sad. Must do something about this by next year!

  19. Everything is so beautiful Michele! Thank you for sharing your beautiful china. So many other posts to explore at Finch Rest! We have joined your lovely blog. Maybe you will join ours.

    Linda @ The French Hens Nest


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