Friday, October 26, 2012

Last Hurrah for the Garden

Yesterday I wrote about taking tea outdoors
 in the most incredibly perfect weather
 we have seen in a long long time.
I hope you were able to read that post,
 because I was sharing tea with you!
I also shared some mums and such,
 But wait!
 There's MORE!

 Purple Astor


I took pics of the last of the flora
with more than a twinge of sadness
 to know it truly is the last of it until springtime.....

.....such as this surprise rose that bloomed
 with the weird Indian Summer we were having -

One lone pink surprise to find - a Knock-out rose bloom!

 I write now in the past tense because today is grey,
 much colder and is looking like rain!
 I cannot believe 24 hours ago I was barefoot
 and enjoying my tea outdoors!


Not much survived our 3 days of killing frost from 2 weeks ago
but this was under the roof of the Zen Room
and it is still alive showing its pretty pink!

Pink Impatiens

This definately was the year for mums
for me around here!

Just look at these beauties!

Yellow mums - anniversary gift from hubs in September

White mums - birthday gift from my little sister

It was fun replanting and trying to figure out
which colour flowers would look best
 in which kind of container!

Pink mums from daughter's MIL, my friend Patricia

Containers are so nice for mums
because they're (usually) easily moved out of harm's way
when those killing frosts threaten!

And mums are SO hardy and transplantable -
 they make wonderful bushes the following year
 if you have space for them!

They do come back and grow really fast!

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. How wonderful the jewel tones of mums and how they brighten the days. The yellow ones in the red pot are striking and the pink ones have that blush of red that I like so much. The knock-outs are really hanging on, aren't they? Amazing plants.

  2. Your pretty flowers from summer are really hanging on! We must have had a frost recently because most of my annuals and roses have died. I am loving my mums now, too! I really love the pink one you have, I have never seen that shade before and it's beautiful!

    Yesterday it was warm and rainy here in Illinois. Then by nightfall the temps dropped to 40 over a matter of hours. Now I feel like it's fall! I do hope you have at least one more chance to have tea outdoors!

    Happy Weekend!


  3. That is one last glorious rose! I think I'd cut it for inside - did you?

  4. Beautiful asters, Michele! I miss the grouping I had on the patio at our old house. So many plants, trees and flowers ~ I miss them all. Such a change today from yesterday! I was in capris, a short sleeved tee and flip flops yesterday, and today it's the dreaded socks and jeans, with a sweater over a long sleeved tee! I have a feeling that's it for us with the nice weather we were having.

  5. Hello Michele
    A striking photo of the purple asters, I love this autumn plant. Unfortunately the bunnies ate most of mine back in the spring and so they didn't flower.
    I know what you mean about warm one day with short sleeves and shivering cold and damp the next.

  6. It's amazing how quickly the weather can change at this time of the year. I adore your flower pix. Thanks for posting.

  7. I must have missed the last tea post. But these flowers are GORGEOUS!!! The weather here really turned COLD like it was 20 here last night. I have enjoyed every beautiful day we have had this fall. Winter is coming a little too early for me this year. So thankyou for sharing your photos. It makes autumn last just a little bit longer in my heart. Luv ya friend, Nann.

  8. Beautiful flowers. Enjoying your blog. I'm your newest follower. I'd love it if you can follower me too. Smiles~Jen

  9. woow.....really beautiful :) and soon it is SPRING again :)
    and do not miss,,,,,,




    it is FUN :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  10. What pretty photos to remember until your garden blooms again in the Spring, Michele! Thank you for sharing those beauties!!

  11. Your flowers are so pretty. I've commented to several friends and neighbors that my garden looks better now than the middle of the summer when it was so hot and dry. Some of my flowers are still busting with blooms. But I know it won't last much longer.
    Mary Alice

  12. Michele, your flowers are all so pretty. Love the impatiens and the pink mums. No posies around here any longer, only those from the grocery store. Thanks for your visit and have a lovely Pink weekend.


  13. Love the purple Astors! They remind me on Fall in Holland (where I'm originally from). In California, Fall in the middle of the state wont's show till half November.

  14. love the mums. i love flowers and your post sure brightened up my day. visiting here from color connection.

  15. Your mums is the only color that I have. I tried growing other colors but I have no luck lol.

    Thank you for joining Color Connection last week. Can't wait to see what color will you be this week. The linky is up.


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