Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Party

Every single year for 16 years I have hosted
 our family's Pumpkin Carving Party.
It's a big 'ole fun tradition to us!
We held it a mite early this year as with our busy schedules
 it is the only time all of us really could get together. 


Spice cake buttercream chesse frosting cupcakes!

With bat sprinkles. Naturally.


Some years we've had more formal
 sit-down meals with all the fixings.
Other years it's been pizza delivery
 or hot dogs/burgers from our grill.
This year was easy - a large take-out bucket of fried chicken, rolls, homemade mashed potatoes, homemade chicken gravy,
green beans & carrots.

Good 'ole country comfort eat'n.

Of course I was so busy I forgot to take a picture
of the feast! (Insert a blog frown here.)
And this year I even went one step easier -
 I (gasp) purchased disposable throw-aways -
 something I seldom do because of the wastefulness ...
 but sometimes TIME means more to me than being green.
 (I hang my head in shame and avoid looking at Evelyn.)
(It sure looked cute and festive once it was all set up!)
There's been years when I didn't do
 the food thing at all-  just appetizers.....
and one year all we served was desserts.
It always just depends on our schedules and times, etc.

(But it sure isn't the food that makes our party, anyway!)

It's the laughter and fun of all being together.
It's the smell of apple cider and Autumn candles burning.

It's the aroma of freshly gutted pumpkins.
It's the bonfires and occassional marshmallow roasting.


It's the crisp night air when we line up our Jack O'Lanterns
 on the back fence for that final group pic of them
before everyone heads home with their amazing new works of art.

It's the memories we make year after year. 



It's going from some-not-even-being born yet, 
to now being 11 of us for this tradition!
Michael - my DH (dear husband)
Michele - (<--me of course)
Evelyn - (our eldest daughter)
Son-in-law Daniel
Katie - (our youngest - moved back from Cali finally

~and my sister and her family~ 
Teresa - (my little sister)
Pat - (her hubs)
Tony - 16
Darien - 13
Delaney - 11
Reagan - 9

------->KITTY'S KOZY KITCHEN<-------

BTW- Michael's Jack O' Lantern is an electrical outlet plug -
because they DO look like faces!

And mine is the rare unhappy face for me - it was supposed to be angry and spooky but it turned out irritated, haha, oops. Perhaps it was Freudian because I forgot to take a pic of the pretty table all laid out for this post. You know how we bloggers can get when we forget!



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  1. What spooky pumpkins,Michele, everyone did a great job. How fun you all must have had together making them and eating!

  2. MIchele, what fun! A special time for all of you and such sweet memories!

  3. Your party sounds like so much fun and I love the ever changing menus! The pumpkins are so have some professional carvers in the family! ;-D


  4. Love all the pumpkins...sounds like a wonderful party tradition! :)

  5. Sounds like a wonderful Fall tradition!
    Love all the glowing pumpkins... ready for Halloween night.

  6. What a talented group of pumpkin carvers, Michele! You guys are ready for that show "Halloween Wars". : ) I so agree with you ~ once you start to get involved with making the food something special and setting things up, you wind up losing out on what the whole purpose of the party is supposed to be.

  7. Michele, that sounds like so much fun! Great pumpkins, too! The kids will always have those good and fun memories of all of you together. Thank you for the compliments on my paintings! Yes, they are for sale - I just listed them on Etsy this morning. I also wanted to tell you that Rudy has a bad eye like Romeo. It started with an injury and I suspect that Buster scratched his eye. I spent months taking him to the vet and doing the eye goo stuff and antibiotics. It finally cleared up, but I think he's lost some vision in the eye...and it looks a little different from the other one. But...he's okay and hasn't had a flare up in a long time. I hope Romeo feels better real soon!
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. Love all the memories you are making for your family and friends! xoxo ♥
    Martha Ellen

  9. That's fun idea. The meal sounds so good and the pumpkins turned out great! Blessings, Pamela

  10. Hi Michele,
    I bet you all had a blast! What fun to get together and eat and then carve pumpkins! The muffins looked wonderful and I almost always get a giggle when I visit you because you have such a great sense of humor! Thank you, my friend, for joining me for my very first HOME party. I really appreciate it. Have a lovely day.


  11. What a fun family party, Michele!! I love everybody's pumpkins, as they're all works of art. Thanks for the shout-out at the end...that was so sweet, but you're so like that!! xo

  12. Looks like fun. I was going to say, but perhaps I shouldn't, that it would be fun to analyze all the personalities behind these faces. =)

    1. LOL oh Vee if you only knew..........this is the first time ever my husband's jack o' lantern didn't involve metal parts, haha. There's been some really funny ones in the past, this year is tame in comparison, haha.

  13. Oh what a fun time this must be! I love family get togethers like this! Traditions are so important.

  14. Your cupcakes are adorable, Michele, and the pumpkins look great! Sounds like a really fun party!

  15. Hi Michele,
    Love all the carved pumpkins and your cupcakes look so delicious. Sounds like so much fun. Great times and good memories! Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week.

  16. What a fun tradition, those cupcakes look SOOOO good!

    Ugh, I have to be in a wedding next summer. I keep saying I'll diet tomorrow. But now I want a cupcake tomorrow, so day after that i guess? :D


  17. What a fun night! You found great plates/napkins and I love the whole theme-big smiles:@)

  18. This sounds like a blast! I love the fact that you do it no matter what. Thank you for getting one of my pillow covers...I appreciate your support! I've ordered the embroidery so I'll get it out as soon as I can...have a good rest of the week!

  19. what a super super fun time!! These memories are great.

  20. What a fun time Michele! Love all of the fun pumpkins. I agree, it's not about the food or the table setting. All about family. This is the first year in ages that our family has not gotten together for a party and carving. Hubby and I headed to Hawaii tomorrow. With hunting and other things going on we were not able to pull one off. Sure did miss it! Would love you to link this to SYC.

  21. That must have been so much fun. I love the pumpkins and those cupcakes look so good. I love cupcakes.


  22. I *love* that you are focused on creating memories with this party! Bravo for you, Michele! (And don't tell, but I sometimes do throwaway myself when time is of the essence ...)

  23. That sounds like such fun! I love all of the festivities you planned and the casual good food served. It sure would make pumpkin carving more fun when done with a group like that. I'm very impressed with how artistic everyone in your family is! You've got some good ones in there (yours included). I've never heard of this tradition before, but must say it's a good one!

  24. Such a great family tradition to have! The memories from these must be wonderful.
    Debbie :)

  25. Looks like a great fun time and such memories. Love those cupcakes too and thanks for sharing with "Open House".

  26. This sounds like a fun time - you can't beat a good chicken dinner either - love the jack-o-lantern faces too! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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