Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chicken n shamrocks dinner

Some of you may know how sick I've been - antibiotics and the strong narcotic cough syrup hasn't helped much and it's been well over a week having this. Some may have realized due to this I had to cancel my Shamrock Tea that was scheduled for this past Friday.

And most of you would know how disappointed I am/was/still am that I missed the whole fun Blarney Weekend. And some of you would know how wonderful my Darling Husband (DH) is when he knows how disappointed I am in something as dear to me as St. Patrick's Day!

Mr. Finch Rest also knows how upset I was/am/still am that I don't feel really well enough for fresh new blogging, or at least staging some pretty new Spring shots, anyway. 


He decided to make me Chicken and Dumplings (he is a great cook) and made the dumplings into shamrock shapes to surprise me!!!!! And brought it to me on a silver platter with a new shamrock plant as well!  And if that wasn't enough, he took pics of the steps so I could blog about it, because he knew I we would love it. He knows me us pretty well, doesn't he?

I KNOW I said I was done with the shamrock posts, but this one I just had to share!

He said it was tricky not getting the lens steamy when trying this one handed, haha:

The delicious end result:

And my fresh new little shamrock plant that he brought on the platter with the food:

Sharing this for Masterpiece Monday link party!


  1. Your are a very blessed woman to have a man like that!! Thanks for sharing. I hope you feel better. I feel the same way and seem to be on the same meds as you. I'm going back to the doctor this week.

  2. He's a keeper, Michele! : ) What a sweetheart to not only make you that delicious looking soup, and to give you a new shamrock plant, but to take the photos of the process so you could have a blog post ~ unheard of! You may owe him one for this one.

  3. What a wonderful husband you have! Very creative and thoughtful! Hope you are feeling much better soon.
    Martha Ellen

  4. I'm in agreement with everyone, your hubby is just the greatest. The meal look absolutely delicious. What a gem he is, but then you know that. I sure hope you are feeling better. It's so miserable to be so sick. Blessings!

  5. Hi Michelle - he definitely sounds like a keeper to me ~ how very sweet of him and the Chicken n Dumplings look wonderful. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Hope you're feeling better soon. Happy St. Patricks and Pink Saturday to you, Dru

  6. My sweet friend.....I feel so bad about your being so ill. Honestly if I had the money I would have flown back there and taken care of you. And I mean that. But I guarantee that my chicken n dumplings could not even possibly compare to your husbands. And those so over the top dumplings...well those are amazing. Especially from a husband. I so agree with everyone else he is a keeper. He went more than the extra mile. And he knows your heart. What an incredible couple you two make. I am so very impressed!! And even down to the shamrock plant on your tray. I'm almost in tears at his tenderness, compassion and sweet caring. Wow! What a guy!!!

    Luv you my precious friend....and please continue to take care of yourself. But I do know you are in good hands!!


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  8. So sorry to hear you have not been well.

    I love this post. Your hubby's chicken and dumplings look wonderful!

  9. I love that he did that for you! And I hope you're feeling better soon *hugs*

  10. This is too awesome. What a lucky gal you are to have a hubby who would go to this length for a post!!!

  11. Michele, I'm so sorry to hear you're still sick. That looks so yummy! What a great guy you have and I'm glad he's taking good care of you! Get well soon!!

  12. . that is just the sweetest husband! what a wonderful thing he did for you!

  13. That is a darling idea! What a great hubby!


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