Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Little 'Ole Miss Limoge

I can imagine this very old Limoge tea cup has quite a few stories to share, if only she were able. She has been alone, she has been used, she is worn, she is faded - but life hasn't broken her, and she is still very strong and beautiful. She still has talents to help make the world a better place.

People are a bit like tea cups, aren't they?

Sometimes all it takes is a friend to help us see beyond our occasional eelings of inadequacy, faded beauty, signs of age and weariness to bring out our beauty that can feel stifled or shadowed among the newer, shinier, brighter others.......and help us see ourselves in truer light. Once our inner light shines, it illuminates our best selves for others to notice and appreciate.

Sometimes it is as easy as simply finding something new to do to get us back into the groove  again...and feeling we really do make a difference.......not so very unlike a faded old forgotten teacup that finally gets noticed again; becomes loved, treasured and needed again.

Little Old Miss Limoge was a pretty happy gal to be been given her new job today!

She began feeling so confident she decided to play a little fancy "dress up presentation" in a brand new way!  There was no stopping her!

She was so happy inside that she started attracting new friends to help her sing!

And in her joy she found her humour again, turned silly, and invited
The Incredible Edible Egg (tm) to share in her laughter!

Sometimes the solution is simple.......it can just take someone's encouragement to help us become better eggs.........er, um, I mean tea cups, no, uh, I think I mean PEOPLE ........it can be as easy as black and white to help other's find confidence enough to toss in their very own dash of color to make this world a better picture.


If you are looking for the perfect tea book as a gift or for yourself, I highly recommend  a delightful book called "If Teacups Could Talk," written by Emilie Barnes and beautifully illustrated by the extremely talented Sandy Clough. It is a perfectly charming, wonderful and inspiring read.

Here is a safe place to purchase it should you be interested. (This isn't a paid endorcement, I just love the book and have had good experiences with this website and wanted to share.)

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  1. What a wonderfully inspiring and creative post! You have the magic touch for this. Truly.

  2. You are right she is gorgeous!!

  3. Hello Michele,
    I adore your post. Really, what you have shared about tea cups (and people) is so true...and helpful : )
    You write beautifully.
    Your sweet tea cup is very lovely. I am feeling a bit like her, and I appreciate the pep talk. She is a pretty girl!

  4. Hello Michele
    A post with some valid and inspiring thoughts. Your teacup looks pretty dressed up with some eggs inside, a good way for her to still feel proud and needed. (much like us)

  5. Lovely, Michele! I love her many looks! I always feel that a kind word can make someone's day and costs us nothing. I try to practice that every day in some way.

  6. Hi Michele: How true your words are. I loved your post today. Limoges are my favorite cups. They hold up so well, it almost meams the more we use them the more beautiful they get. That is way, I use everything. Nothing, except people are precious to me. Beauty is meant to enjoy! Hugs, Martha

  7. A wonderful post Michelle. Beautifully put. And I love your Limoges teacup. Your photos are lovely as well. Thanks so much! And thanks for linking with Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  8. Hi Michele,
    Your little 'Ole Miss Lamoge tea cup has really rose to the occasion and looks lovely in all her pretty photos. Your message is very inspirational and hits home. Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful week.


  9. Sometimes the solution is simple.......it can take someone's encouragement to help us become better eggs.........er, um, I mean tea cups, no, uh, I think I mean PEOPLE ........it can be as easy and black and white (with maybe just a touch of our color personality thrown in) to make someone's world a better picture.

    Wow. Your words there are amazing. I had to copy and paste them into my journal - much of what you have written here I feel to my soul. So very well expressed. The limoges cup is bursting with beauty. I love your photos so much!! Thank you for making me smile and my heart full.

  10. Hi Michele,
    I loved your post! I think everyone does. You expressed your thoughts very well and indeed we can all identify with the teacup.
    She looks lovely dressed up with the eggs. It's a very pretty little cup and I'm glad she's found her home with you! Thank you so much for sharing her with us today. And thanks for the smile!


  11. Bar none that this is one of the cutest posts I've ever seen. You are so clever and creative and we all can identify with the sweet Limoges cup. Beautifully done Michele with such a great message. Sometime I'll share with you three other posts that struck me the same way. I bet they would you too. You made my evening!!

    You must be feeling better I can tell. You know chocolate and sequined eggs can do that to you!

    Big Smile,


  12. You have an extraordinary gift for words--this was such a beautiful, touching post. I'm going to remember this Limoges cup. XX00

  13. Such a charming post and pretty photos! Happy Spring~

  14. This is a wonderful post and that teacup is just beautiful.

  15. How sweet! I love the beautiful pastel colors in that teacup...so pretty, and of course the beauty of limoges anyway well...it's just classic. Lovely post...I thoroughly enjoyed it! Looking forward to getting to know you!
    Thanks so much for joining me for Pearls and Lace Thursday!
    Blessings, Doni

  16. The colours of the limoge tea cup is so beautiful. I love your vignettes! I would love it if you could share this wonderful post at our WIW linky party. Hope to see you there.


  17. Michele,

    I love this post.

    What a beautifully written piece. I can see your sweet spirit shine through on every line. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and making my day a little brighter.


    PS My tea cup has a lot of chips in it :)


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