Thursday, March 22, 2012

Note Card Party

This is a fun link party over at A Haven for Vee 's blog called
 A Note Card Party.

Simply find some of your very favorite photos (of your very own) that you have previously posted on your blog that you would love to see made into note cards. (Vee suggested using 4 images but I just had to add a couple more because I was having trouble deciding!)

It was such fun revisiting some old blog posts, too!

Hope you join in the fun over there with your own pretty post images!

Here are a few of my very favs I would love to see made into cards. And that is actually a very brilliant idea for gifts giving!


This was from my Bird, Books & Clock Vignette post.

This is from my Pretty Pink Summer Gloves post.

These were taken from my Teacart, Silver & Birch post.

This is from my Bluebirds of Happiness Post.

And lastly this one is from my Hopes and Prayers post.


  1. Fun party, eh? I like your stacked book photo. Happy Spring :)

  2. Any of those would make lovely notecards!

  3. All are very pretty, but I like the birds best of all...birds....

  4. Your choices are stunning! Love that teapot.

  5. This does sound like a fun party and you have chosen a nice set! The bluebirds are adorable and I see you got quite the bargain on them. Linda

  6. Not only would they make great notecards, Michele, but I think you've got the makings of a calendar here!

  7. Very nice pictures that would be so nice on a notecard--or framed! You've done well photographing and choosing!

  8. i love pretty pink gloves or the little bluebirds. such great work. you have a real "nack" for photography. i love how so many are picking different photos from their blog for the note card link up party. so cool. happy to find you. take care. (:

  9. Beautiful, love each one! Mary

  10. These are absolutely stunning photos, Michele,and what beautiful note cards they would make, I especially like pretty pink gloves, and hopes and prayers. Thank you for sharing the post links, I will read them.

  11. Wonderful photos Michelle. Wonderful! Thanks for the review!

  12. I have the same teapot frame....your pictures are lovely!

  13. I enjoyed these, especially the bluebirds of happiness.

  14. I really love all of yours. I think my favorite of all is the Hope and Prayers one, but Pretty Pink Summer Gloves one is a close second for sure.

  15. Such pretty pictures! I really like the Pretty Pink Summer Gloves picture. Your blog is so cute!

  16. Hi Michele,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog on party day and leaving such kind comments. I was trying to get around to visit everybody , but realized I missed a few so here I am ... a few days late.
    I love the name of your blog and your note card photos are all gorgeous. I need to go back now and read the posts that go with the photos.

  17. These are gorgeous photos, Michele!! I love every one of them. The Pretty Pink Summer Gloves and The Bluebirds of Happiness are two favorites. Great choices for note cards.

    Thanks for your comments on my "Fences" post.


  18. Pretty photos...would all make lovely note cards.

    I'm going to check out your other posts. I'm here via Cozy Little House.
    and I'm going from here to check out the party!


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