Friday, March 9, 2012

Season O' the Green

Starting all next week I am posting shamrock everything to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Blogland.

Today I am just sharing one very special shamrock thing to get the "party" going..........unfortunately I am really sick today and this is all I have in me to share. Curses, bronchitis, curses to you!

My very favorite Irishmen of all time was my father. He was a great dad, an amazing businessman, a very funny fellow, a remarkable fisherman, very smart, very sentimental, a great poet, a very dear friend and awesome dad.

We lost my father in Feb. 2000. These shamrocks were part of a funeral bouquet given to our family from my mother's sister's family. We divided them amongst us four children. But I think I am the only one in the five who inherited my mother's green thumb............because mine is still alive and well after all these years.

Not to say my own plant doesn't go through cycles of threatening to wither. It has to always be watered and hates the cold a LOT. But most of the time it just hangs around bringing me cheer and pleasing my eyes. Oh and my CAT........he wants to eat it all the time. We have a war going on and I plan on winning it! So, ya hear that, Romeo??!!! Keep your paws and teeth OFF my shamrock plant, it is almost vintage fer crying out loud! Just go eat your meat scented cereal crap and leave my shamrock plant alone!

Just like in Ireland, look at all the different shades of green - from a chartreuse to a rich kelly green!  No WONDER they call it "The Land of Ten Thousand Shades of Green," or something like that.  All I can say is that I am trying to keep it from being a thousand shades of brown, haha.

I say a prayer for the repose of my Dad's soul every time I water this precious plant.

I know they both need it.

Here is a lucky shamrock just for you!

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  1. Michele, how nice that you have been able to keep the plant alive in your Dad's memory. I think they are very difficult to grow so you must have a very green thumb. It looks very healthy and lush. It sounds like you were a proud daughter of your Dad. I still have mine and he is a good guy, too. Have a great weekend.

  2. What an amazing story Michele! I'm in awe about you keeping your shamrock going. What a special remembrance of your Dad. I cherish my Irish too, but it's on my Mum's side. I just got over that hacking stuff. Drink lots and get lots of rest. And have a fun celebration of St. Pat's this week!

  3. Michele, you are very blessed to have this lovely plant as a remembrance. What a touching story!

  4. It took me a few years to figure this out...I'm a bit slooow. The Shamrock (Oxalis) is a bulb like plant. It does go thru cycles. If mine get spindly, yellow, I just cut the foilage down, let it dry out a bit, continue watering and feed it a little and it comes back great.
    I used to throw them out thinking it was just needed a rest !

  5. What a sweet story and precious memory. I've not seen this plant before.
    It is truly lovely! Gorgeous blog. We'd love to have you join us at our blog party and share your shamrock.

  6. Sweet memory, cute little plant...I used to have one like it but it died. Try growing some oat grass for Romeo. He will LOVE it and hopefully leave the Shamrock plant alone. I posted how to grow oat grass for your kitty this week on my blog, if you want to see the directions, etc.
    HAPPY St Pattys Day :)

  7. How beautiful, Michele! My hat's off to you for keeping it thriving all these years! That is quite a feat. I hope you win that battle with Romeo, too!

  8. It's amazing that you have kept that alive all of these years...What a nice and different plant! How precious to hear you describe your dad!

  9. What a wonderful memorial. He sounds wonderful! My Irish dad died at 50, so I was young , I missed knowing him as an adult, but I have wonderful memories of him.
    Isn't amazing how they look like they are croaking and then spring back? I used a big fat one for my centerpiece this week for Tablescape Thursday. All Irish all the time until the 17th, LOL.
    Don't forget the crawl Tuesday at my blog! ♣♣

  10. so glad you still have the Shamrock's - very sentimental! Have a great weekend and enjoy that pretty vase!

  11. Gorgeous! How special, too, since it's from your Dad's funeral flowers. A precious way to remember him.
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. Love your shamrock! I used to have one that had been my grandmother's, but I was in college and not a very good caretaker in those days. I recently got one from my brother, so I'm going to try to keep this one alive. So nice for you that you have the one to remind you of your father.


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