Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter basket topiary....

I so admire those bloggers who actually REMEMBER to take "before" shots while creating wonderful things to share with us. Unfortunately I seldom seem to remember. I have nary a single "before" pic of anything I have ever created to help me wow blogland.


But I do hope to eventually change. Blogging changes people for the better. Insert grin here.


I mentioned recently when casually showing an old ironstone teapot with ivy in it that I oftentimes cut it back and make pretty giftie things with the cuttings once they develop roots. I cannot begin to remember all the gifts of ivy things I have given in the past. But this one was an experiment in my first attempt at making my own real topiary. I got to thinking when I did that post that I DO have - well kinda anyway- something to share in a before and after situation.

And I have it now to unveil to wow you all! Haha! Yay!

Here is a very old and bad picture of an overgrown somewhat "hairy" teapotted ivy grown out nicely and just waiting to be pruned. I apologize for this pic, only one I had b/c I didn't keep the original. See? I told you I am really bad at that "before" documenting thing...........consider this  Exhibit A.

Exihibit A

Here is what that plant looks like now,  after a hair cut.  Exhibit B.

Exhibit B

And here is the Big Reveal -  Exhibit C!

It takes really very little time for ivy to grow, but it does take several weeks for their roots to grow once cut and placed in water to develop. Just keep your cuttings in a short small clear glass by a sunny window. Change water daily so bacteria doesn't stunt the growing process.

Once you see about a half inch of roots, plant the cuttings in good clean well circulated loose potting soil. Try to plant your cuttings towards the edges near the handle so it can climb faster. Then just watch your new plant grow!  As it grows just start to wind the thin branches up and around the handle and eventually it fills in quite nicely.

Note: if you want this look start now for next year, By then you could have one that is nice and full. Remember that before actually putting in Easter grass (or dyed straw in this case) and eggs, let your soil dry a bit before making it into an Easter decoration so the grass doesn't get gross and soggy and make an icky mess.

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  1. It's beautiful! I tend to forget "before" pics too.

  2. oh this is so cute! I have always loved ivy plants...but unfortunately I can't seem to grow them. You make me want to try again though! As far as before pics...I am pretty good about that now that I'm blogging...but I never use to take before shots of anything prior to blogging. I wish I had them now though.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful topiary!

  3. Love your topiary. I love ivy, but every time I've tried to grow it, it winds up with spider mites, no matter what I do. I finally gave up, so all my ivy is fake.

  4. I always forget to take before pics too....I get so caught up in the moment that I just forget!!! LOL...Your topiary looks so cute too :o)

  5. Very pretty, Michele! I used to grow ivy a long time ago and did cuttings all the time. I even tried my hand at a round topiary one time. I haven't had a live ivy in such a long time, but maybe a small one. : )

  6. What a great tutorial. And do I ever appreciate it. I seem to kill everything I try to grow in the house including on the windowsill. I never knew how to do the ivy thing. And your directions are easy and actually make sense to the computer challenged mind. I'm going to try it. I have a ton of ivy in the yard so why not. And your basket is just SO cute. I love love love it. Now then put some little bell in your brain as you are making or doing something and take a picture as you go along. Each step of the way. If I can do this anyone can. Just be sure to put a bell in the brain. (smile)

    Hey I love you girlfriend


  7. So cleave! Cute! Come and re follow me lost other blog Joann

  8. How cute is that? I love it! I am going to try and make one. Thanks for the visit and for sharing this cute idea with us. Blessings, Martha

  9. I love your Easter basket topiary! That is so cute! I always forget the before photos too...and at a tea only remember to take a photo when the plate is clean! You are right about the Guards probably locking their knees...but the other story is more fun. LOL! My husband...the Coldstream Guard... says it did happen all the time if they didn't slightly bend their knees and keep more on the balls of their feet. And boy were they in for it if they fainted...carpeted (yelled at), worst duties and sniggered at by the other guys.

  10. Isn't topiary just the coolest, to take a living plant and mold it to our desires?! Seriously. We've got some people in our neighborhood whose shrubs have been shaped into cones and cylinders and things and I just think it looks so smart!

    A very pretty basket. :-)


  11. OH, this is beautiful! I just love it and I think I could do it too! Thanks for sharing this wonderful pretty.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Michele, you did a fabulous job with the ivy and topiary. I think ivy makes an arrangement or bouquet look finished. It especially looks good in baskets decorated like you did it with the bunny. Hope you are having a nice spring day. It is beautiful here today. Thanks for joining the party. See you next week----------- Shannon

  13. Beautiful topiary and beautiful images. Love the soft colors of your blog. I clicked on your comment over at the Cozy Little House. Now I have another blog to come look at!

  14. Love this tutorial. I'll have to give it a try!


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