Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Well here we are, at the end of St Pat's green shamrock week of blog posts. Be sure to look back at my week of posts if you missed any - there was a Shamrock Tea, some outdoor shamrock pics, a  shamrock Rosary prayer time, etc. - was all fun the whole week through!

SPD was always a big deal to my family. Some of us would start the day going to Mass, then perhaps partake in the "Green Pancake Breakfasts." Or, if not that, there was always our annual three-hour pub lunch complete with fish and chips, naturally. Or we'd find some awesome various musical outings.

But to be honest most of the time, like in Ireland, it was a day to be home safe with family and let the non-Irish world celebrate St. Patrick's Feast Day. And as my loving DH always reminds me....St. Pat was ITALIAN, anyway! (Though he certainly was a great help to that green island, indeed!)

Here is a huge Irish linen tea towel with the nicest sentiment:

Here it is a little closer up to show the weave better:

I lived in Dublin, Ohio for many years.........that town always hosted the best parade and celebration festival afterwards.  (I have even been in that parade a time or two. Some family members have as well.)  It is all such grand fun. You can read all about this year's Dublin St. Pat's festivities here. 

But absolutely nothing except going to Ireland itself beats the fun of the Dublin Irish Fest always held the first weekend of August (Dublin, Ohio.)  This year marks their 25th anniversary of hosting this amazing event. I used to live within walking distance to this festival, my house practically backed up to Coffman Park. Oh what fun that was! I was a volunteer beer pourer many a opening Friday night back when. It is a weekend you don't want to miss if you are anywhere near Columbus, Ohio in August- trust me on that one.  I have been told countless times that it is the largest attended Irish festival in the States. Gaelic Storm plays there every year, they're a staple there now! They are really well loved.

My sister and brother in law own a little pub and members of GS have popped in after gigs in the past and jammed in their little pub till closing time. My BIL says they are the most awesome peeps. But they're Irish, so that isn't a big surprise!

Anyway I realize that I have truly beaten the proverbial shamrock to death this whole week, so let me officially end the green madness by saying GOD BLESS YOU ALL, have a fun but safe time today (never EVER drink and drive) and of course I bid thee  a hearty............

(Good health!)

Guiness: for your health!


  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Michele! It has been a pleasure seeing all your pieces this week. My son had an opportunity to go to Ireland {a year or two ago} and he loved it.

  2. Happy St. Patrick's Day! What a beautiful towel with the perfect sentiment!..Christine

  3. Love the towel. I just walked in the door about 10 minutes ago from traveling back from Phoenix and leaving our precious 9 month old very sick little grandbaby girl. Its good to be home and Little Adele is now out of the hospital and home and seems to be doing fine. Its an 11 hr drive so I'm glad to be out of the car.

    I've tried to keep up on your posts but know I missed some. I'll go back probably some time tomorrow to see them all. I only got to make one post last Monday before we left. I wanted to make more but had major problems with my husbands laptop and couldn't.

    Love the Irish blessing and all the quotes and sayings you've put up. I'm afraid I missed a post on your party and didn't want to miss it. Talk at you later and I do hope you are much much better.

    Love ya girlfriend!!



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