Friday, March 23, 2012

Pink teacups and such....

My very favorite china of all time is very old hand painted pink roses gilded tea china. I love it. I especially adore old Bavarian and Austrian and occassionally very old Japanese, and certain Limoges pieces.........delicate old pink roses tea china just makes my heart go pitty pat!

I am not sure when enough is enough in owning such treasures. I find them, use them, give them as gifts, and sometimes even sell them. But mostly I hoarde KEEP them. My wonderful DH is so understanding about my inability to say no to those special finds (and honestly, though, most are FRUGAL finds.) 

A few years ago Mr. Finch Rest surprised me by building me a sort of "china room" in a portion of the basement with an entire wall of deep sturdy wooden shelving to safely house all my dishes and fine china collections. He even made a huge lazy susan in the corner of that china room, so I could reach to find my treasures more easily!  (I always count my blessings and thank God daily for my DH. He is truly the best husband ever!)

Today I simply grouped together one of my fav teacup patterns. I am fortunate to have 6 of these,  their saucers and dessert plates all in nearly perfect condition. Today I just lazily grabbed 3 of the cups.....not for use, or for a complicated tablescape or to fuss much - just to simply share a gentle whisp of things I love; an old small pink appliqué linen tablecloth, a hint of something tea, a sweet china clock, and some ivy and roses. 

Here is a closer look at the appliqué on this sweet linen piece. I have 4 matching napkins to it somewhere, stashed who-knows-where in my tea room downstairs. I am not even feeling the desire to go and dig through entirely too much crap find them right now. Nope. Not even one tiny itty bit. 

Closer look at the plate under the floral pot.

Simplicity can sure sometimes be a friend.  As Lizzie Bennett would be found asking Jane, "What is your own good opinion on this matter, sister?" (Not meaning to imply, of course, that she wishes to hear a compliment on her own subject inquiry, but that she considers her sister's thoughts very wise and important.)

As I do your own good opinions.


Have a great weekend and be sure to stop over for all the amazing pink wonderfulness at Beverly's How Sweet the Sound blog for her weekly Pink Saturday linky party!


  1. I adore your photos. What a great idea and how thoughtful of your DH to build you the shelves for your beloved china! I know you love being able to see all the beautiful collections. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  2. Your china is lovely. You certainly do have a wonderful DH. Don't think you can ever have too many of these little lovelies.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  3. Oooooh, what lovely china and beautiful photos.
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Sweet and gorgeous pink!

    My Pink, have a great weekend.

  5. What a wonderful DH to build you sturdy shelves for your delicate china collection. These teacups are so beautiful! I have a love for dainty china but I have to limit my buying because of no where to store them.

  6. I love this china pattern. Like you I really like the Bavarian pattern and was lucky to find quite a few in antique stores when I lived in Germany. The details on yours are beautiful and this design is especially perfect for Spring. Thank you for sharing these beauties!

  7. Such a beautiful pattern, Michele! I love the way the little roses pattern at the top of the clock mimics the teacups!

  8. Such pretty china. I love it! Thank you for sharing.

  9. I love the beauty in your pictures!

  10. Oohh, lovin your pretty teacups, Michele! *sigh* A girl after my own heart! Lovely photos too. Happy Pinks and hope you're having a sweet weekend.

    Blessings & hugs,

  11. Pretty in PINK!!
    Happy Spring Feeling Pink Saturday!

    I love your teacups:))

    Kay Ellen

  12. This is all beautiful but I'm am totally in love with the linen piece. It's stunning. Your photos are great too. Thanks for sharing!

  13. You are going to do very well at blogging. Because you have an eye for detail. And your photography skills already excel!

  14. Oh Michele, what a dear hubby you have! We are blessed. I love your beautiful teacups. Thank you for sharing them with us and that gorgeous appliqued linen piece.

  15. Your tea cup vignette is so sweet yet so beautiful. And your tablecloth looks that way. Its OK...we'll just imagine the gorgeous napkins in the basement would just add to the beauty. (big smile)

  16. Lovely tablescape with the soft color scheme. My favorite color is yellow and I love it paired with the green here! Yes, the tea cup is perfect, white wouldn't be exciting like this!

    I am mesmerized with your blog, have enjoyed spending a lot of time browsing your archives!

    Thanks for your sweet comment!


  17. They're beautiful and neat!

    Visiting for color connection- hope you can stop by:)

  18. I love doing table scapes also. Your's is really lovely. Thx for sharing



  19. Very pretty teacups! Love the design!


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