Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thatched Roof Cottage Teacup

I like to imagine the artwork for this Royal Albert teacup is inspired by a real place.

In my mind's eye thoughts of a tiny village with simple, old thatched roofed cottages and quaint shoppes on quiet cobblestone lanes lie - a place where all the neighbors know one another well, and love each other anyway!

This is a slow-paced and gentle town where it is not uncommon to sit lazily by a cozy fire and really talk and share the day's events over a steaming pot of tea. On an especially good day there's sweet cake and a wickedly fun bit of gossip to share as well.

If the wind is just right you can sometimes catch the lively notes of a jig being played from a very worn, very old very much loved wooden flute and perhaps even a fiddle off in the distance............

And closer to home maybe you will hear your mate whistling a favorite you have both heard a million times before, and both remember the words that go with the tunes as natural and easily as breathing. Tunes you drank pints over.  Tunes you and most everyone you know have both laughed and cried over. Just like your Mums and Das, and their parents before them.

Because you know it is really important to remember.

Oh imagination, send me to this magic where the hills are green and the shamrocks are greener........where the roses smell heavenly and sheep graze in the meadows nearby.......

Send me back to a slower, safer, friendlier, warmer and welcoming put the kettle on the fire, because I am on my way to Time Travel Thursday!

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  1. Such a charming scene, Michele! Your words carried me along with you. I am a fan of various British shows {mostly Britcoms} and I love when they show the cottages and these sweet towns. I'd love to visit one day, but I hate flying, so I will probably just continue to visit through television, movies, books and pictures!

  2. Oh you have transported me! It's so easy to get lost in those lovely little scenes on plates and cups! I liked the part about the pints! haha! There is nothing like a British or Irish neighborhood pub! May the road rise up to meet you dear!

  3. and those beautiful dishes definitely can transport to a great place....they are beautiful!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  4. I haven't heard such a sweet description of a village since the last Maeve Binchy novel I read. The cup and saucer are not only adorned with a work of art, but they also arouse the imagination of all who look at it. I really enjoyed this post!

    Thank you for visiting me today and leaving such a wonderful comment!

  5. Lucky lucky you to have that Yummy piece.Oh how I want it!Loved your post.Denise

  6. I'm now your 88th follower :)

  7. What a beautiful teacup. And your post is just delightful. Lets grab a plane and go. I love that part of the world!! We'd have so much fun and visit the many treasured places to enjoy tea and their wonderful traditional foods. I have a brother Timothy and a sister Kathleen. Hm....can you tell we have a bit of irish in us!!


  8. I see that you have joined our Teacup Thursday. WELCOME! You cup is yummy and I love your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine. I'll join you as a follower so I can see your Thursday posts for sure.

  9. What a wonderful post! The villages really are like that....That's a very popular design. I always love to see it!

  10. What charming dishes and sweet post. Thank you for sharing your creativity at Potpourri Friday!

  11. What a delightful teacup and saucer...and your tale even more so! I think the supersonic pace required to "keep up" these days has many of us daydreaming of an escape to such a place. ;)

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday. I hope you'll join the fun this week, as well.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage


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