Thursday, March 29, 2012

Quiet Easter Table

This is going to be quite a different kind of Easter this year!

Most of you are really tired of reading about know I have been sick (better but just not out of the woods yet.) And some of you may even know our daughter just moved back from SoCal - after being there the most part of 7 years. I am sure none of you know, however, that this particular young woman is a real whiz in the kitchen! She is truly a "Domestic Goddess!"

SO......with these things in mind, guess who isn't fixing Easter dinner this year? It is only one of three times I haven't since I was a teenager, and that's the truth of it. I would tell you how many years that is, but then I would have to kill you. So let's just say it is many times.

I can't really believe it, either. It is a strange feeling after so many years, but this is one "labor baton" I am happily willing to pass to another for a needed least for THIS year.

So, Easter morning it's going to be a nice quiet one for an early & leisurely breakfast (we attend our Easter services the evening before for the Easter Vigil, we don't usually attend the morning services.)

Then later in the day we will head over for a late afternoon Easter feast with our two daughters, and our son-in-law. I hear our SoCal girl is making lamb, with many sides and an award winning strawberry dessert! Both my girls are working their magic together, and they both flat-out refuse to let me bring a single thing. Sigh. Perhaps we'll bring wine, as we all certainly have reasons for celebrating!

* The Resurrection of Our Lord Saviour, Jesus Christ, the King of Kings!

* The return of our SoCal kid

* The return of good health 

* The Official Passing of the Holiday-Cook-Labor-Baton to very loving & able daughters

And so much more... to celebrate.....and give thanks.....

An easy, relaxed, serene tablescape for Easter morning breakfast.

Bunnies hopping around the plates & keeping the napkins company. Baskets of colorful flowers on the napkins.

Mismatched old silverplate ...............

Light pink and mint sure do complement one another nicely............

Who do we see back there hiding?

Why, it's sweet whimsical salt and pepper bunnies!


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  1. Just my colours!!! In my book you can't beat soft pink and green - just lovely.

  2. What a pretty table setting. Love the colours, and those cute salt and pepper bunnies! Diane

  3. Your Easter table is so pretty! I love every bit of it. Your mix of flatware is incredible.

    This year has been an interesting one so far at our house, to say the least, so for the first time, in many a year, we are going to one of our daughter's. She is doing a simple breakfast. We are looking forward to it.

  4. Hi Michele,

    I'm so sorry you've been sick; I sincerely hope you're on the mend. How wonderful that your SoCal daughter is back home. It sounds like you're being treated to an awesome Easter lunch!

    Michele, this tablescape is just beautiful. I LOVE the pastel pinks and mint greens. The cross-stitched napkins took my breath away, and your dishes, stemware, and flatware are beautiful. I love the bunny napkin rings and the whimsical salt and peppers. :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments. It's always nice to hear from you!!



  5. Michele, your tablescape is so seeyt and adorable. Love the lovely pink and your bunny plates and bunnies and the basket of eggs are just so cute! How lucky of you to have your persona; gourmet cook!...Christine

  6. Just perfect for an Easter morning breakfast, Michele! I know the feeling ~ my daughter took over the holiday cooking since we go to her since we moved here. We contribute {wine, dessert}, but they do the bulk of the meal and the main course. It's been weird because I always did it back on Long Island for many years, but I guess it's her time now!

  7. Happy Easter with your family. How wonderful for you ALL. I do hope you are feeling better. My daughter had us over for Christmas Eve dinner and that was a first for us goes on!

  8. Glad you are mending...God is faithful as your healer!
    I am so happy for you! I think its wonderful that you get the day off and your wonderful daughters are hosting. It will be so much fun relaxing and not running around making sure everything is ready.
    I love your Easter breakfast table! I love pink, so I want your plates! lol It is so pretty! The napkin rings are too cute as are the salt & pepper bunnies. Have a Happy Easter! He has Risen!
    Blessings My Friend,

  9. My first time visiting - I am not sure about your illness, but I am glad you are getting better. Does your daughter live with you - ours does and our grandson. I think her cooking is wonderful to give you rest. I love your Easter table and the colors all look so gentle and sweet, love the bunnies at the end too. sandie

  10. Well... be careful...sometimes when you hand over that don't want to pick it up again. :) Just saying! I bet you are going to have a very special day with your girls. Your breakfast table is spring perfection. :) Love it!!

    Glad your feeling better!


  11. Wonderful to hear that you are feeling better. I hope that you are 100% in no time flat! It's fantastic that you are able to comfortably pass that Easter dinner duties on to your daughter...even if it is for only this year! ;-) You will be able to relax and just enjoy it! I love it when that happens! Meanwhile, your Easter breakfast table is sweet as sugar!!! The cute little bunny S&Ps caught me by surprise! LOVE the ceramic baskets! It's all very pretty, and I hope you and yours enjoy a blessed and loving Easter.

  12. Beautiful blog& lovely photos. I admire...:)
    Greetings from Poland ✿ܓ

  13. Yay! Someone to help you! My daughter took over Easter too and I am SO glad. We do potluck because there's about 20 of us but I don't have to host it!
    Now that your daughter is back you need to get her on the blog! She can post recipes and you can snap pics of her cooking!More help!
    Hope you are feeling tip top soon!

  14. How nice that your daughter will be home and helping out while you're recovering. Easter dinner sounds glorious!! Hope you feel better soon.
    Thanks for stopping by, Mary Alice

  15. Hey, sweetpea, what a darling, sweet and relaxing also. Since this is my first time here I didn't know you've been sick, but trust in the Lord and you'll definitely get better.

    Cooking?!?! I do all I can to prevent cooking a meal. My kids live in California so I HAVE to cook for us, but my idea of Applebee's being my cook and cleaner lets me rest at least once a week.

    Stick around because there's lots more I have to say. Nice having you visit!


  16. It is nice to have family close by and there to help when needed. I'm so glad you are on the mend. Your breakfast table is so sweet! I do love the bunnies. Hugs, Linda

  17. So pretty with the soft colors...enjoy your Easter dinner, let the young ones take their turn at hosting...

  18. What a special day for you this year besides just being Resurrection Sunday! A lovely color palette. I especially love you ceramic bunny basket! How cute is that! So restful and peaceful...just like I hope your day is. To a new time of change in your home...may it be filled with joy, warmth, love and creativity with lots of thankfulness mixed in!

  19. Love your little bunnies....they are so sweet!!! Hope you feel better soon :o)

  20. I adore your Easter breakfast table! It is so welcoming and charming. I like tables that don't overwhelm. And I love pink! Happy Easter! Prayers and best wishes that your health continues to improve.

  21. What a very pretty breakfast table! Love the soft colors and the plates and baskets are just precious! I hope you have a wonderful, relaxed Easter this year, but are back 100% for next year!

  22. I love your spring table with those cute Easter bunnies! Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)
    Have a nice day

  23. You are one happy girl now , ah Michelle ! It is wonderful to have your family together. This table is perfect for Easter breakfast and I adore these napkins with these charming baskets filled with flowers .
    Have a lovely weekend and enjoy life !

  24. What a beautiful table you set. I love your silver. I have been hunting for pieces so I can get the same look. Yours is beautiful.

  25. SO blessed...enjoy your daughter's cooking! I like the pink bunny dishes and mismatched flatware. Happy April...feel better :)

  26. I love your table setting. All the bunnies are so cute. I have a thing for bunnies this year. The colors are so beautiful.

  27. Hi Michelle!
    Your breakfast table is gorgeous and elegant. I love the colors, the gray with the other colors is so pretty and different. The bunnies are so cute and adorable. Your flatware is stunning! The basket with Easter eggs is so very pretty. Enjoy your weekend.

  28. How did I miss this post of yours? Its beautiful. Its again simple yet elegant. I love it. You know you inspire me. Love the cute baskets. And bunnies. And your soft pink plates. Oh heck I love the whole table. Even the mismatched silverware and the precious napkins. Oh Michele you so have it all together. Wow!

  29. I pray you will be feeling better soon! I love this Easter table. So simple yet very elegant. Especially like the ceramic basket and the napkins.

  30. This is so pretty! The napkins are just lovely! Thanks for linking this to Let's Dish, and enjoy your new found freedom from cooking!

  31. I like your table-scape. Beautiful elements make a beautiful table!

  32. Very pretty.... and your photos are awesome!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  33. I'm not sure if my comment went through..I got in too big a hurry! lol I love the last two bunnies and I'm enjoying your blog. You love so many of the same things that I do! ♥

  34. healthy wishes to you, michele:) lovely tablescape--i have pink bunny plates and coffee mugs that would go perfectly with your bunny dishes!
    have a great easter and thank you for the sweet comments on my blog:)


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