Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hope and prayers for storm victims

I keep reading about the total destruction the ravages of recent tornadoes and storms in the Midwest have caused. I am at a loss for words. I cannot imagine that entire towns have been wiped out.

I will simply say that my heart and soul in deep & sincere prayer are with those hurt by these storms.

I know it isn't enough, but my little pewter tea pot frame says:

"When there's tea there's hope."


  1. I was talking to my daughter yesterday about the destruction. These storms are quite powerful - it must take a very stalwart person to live in the area of the country where tornadoes are common. They do come our way occasionally - we definitely do need to pray!
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post with A Return to Loveliness,

  2. Tornado's are a first for me, Michele! I was very worried the other day and luckily we did not get anything but a lot of wind. I can not imagine the destruction these things do to, not only homes, but to people.

  3. It is almost unreal to me. Whole towns gone. I join you in your prayers for these beautiful people who have lost it all. We have a great God who is able. We place them in His hands. Blessings, Martha

  4. I read it and am just horrified. I can't imagine what it would be like to face such areas of devastation or to try to rebuild your life. One blog friend, Lady Linda said she weathered it in terror with daughter & grandchildren in a basement and it was terrible. We are praying for those devastated.

  5. Hi Michele,
    Here where I live we don't get tornadoes. We have actually only had one that I know of and I lived through it. I was seven months pregnant at the time and it was terrifying. So, yes, I feel for those poor souls who lost their homes and their loved ones! I cannot imagine their loss or their horror! My thoughts and prayers are with them. God bless them and comfort them! Thanks for sharing.


  6. I know what you mean, Michele. Some of the stories are so heartbreaking. Do you remember the tornadoes in our area in 2002? I was at my sister's house the night it struck - it came right down her street! She didn't have a basement and we all huddled in the bathroom. I'll never forget that sound for as long as I live. The house right across the street was totally destroyed. Thank God no one was hurt (the people who lived there luckily got in their basement just in time!) If the tornado had touched down on our side of the street...well, I cringe to think about it! My sister's daughter was there, as well, with her two small children. Tornadoes are just awful. Hugs, Cindy P.S. Don't forget to send me your address for your Pay It Forward gift!

  7. Hello Michele
    Your tea vignette is very pretty and spring like. We've had the occasional tornado in our area - usually May and they are a scary phenomenon to experience.

  8. Michele...Thankyou for your compelling post. There seems to be so many disasters throughout the world both natural and man made. My heart aches yet peace comes with prayers and outreach to the victims. Your little tea vignette is so sweet and echos comfort to body and soul.Thankyou for your thoughts and feelings. Love you dear friend.


  9. What a lovely tea vignette! Thanks for linking up to Friends Sharing Tea!


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